Well we started with Christmas Eve in Chicago and then flew to Hotlanta on Christmas Day. Sometimes I wonder if all this traveling and craziness is worth it. Then I look into my mother-in-law’s eyes as she watches her grandson open his presents, or I look at my mom feeding Isaac Christmas cookies and listen to her giggle as she sees Isaac’s wide eyes. . . and I say. . .yes it is worth it. We are blessed to have such a great family. I love being with Tim’s family just as much as he loves being with mine. Here’s a picture of the Farrant side on Christmas Day. Grandma wanted a formal picture, so we all got gussied up to take the shot.

Look at Isaac’s little arm on Great Pawpaw. So cute!

This Christmas was the first Christmas that Isaac knew what was going on. He played elf and passed out all the presents to everyone. He loved ripping the paper off the presents. He was so wired. He now is taking his post Christmas nap. He napped for a total of about 30 minutes yesterday. Today he is going on 4 hours! Being the first and only grandson on both sides he got spoiled rotten with presents.

Every year my cousins (Lindsay & Stephanie) and I take a Christmas picture. Look how much we have changed in the last years.

Well I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. It is so hard to actually remember the reason why we celebrate Christmas. That it is all about a baby named Jesus who was born thousands of years ago in a manger who ultimately died for my sins and allowed me to one day have eternal life with Him. I am so grateful for this time of year as a reminder of all He has done for me. It is a double bonus that this time of year includes lots of family time as well.

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  1. Every year I was on the left but the last one you happened to post is with me on the right. You’ll confuse people. Ha Ha. I wonder if anybody else noticed (of course they would have to actually KNOW us to see the dif.) I read the top part about how we’ve changed over the years and I got nervous that you posted the “uglies”….YIKES!

  2. Girl…you & your competitive/gaming self need to get Rock Band. I gave it to Scotty for Christmas and we are wearing it out already–we are rocking folks, lemme tell ya. He plays guitar or drums & I sing and it’s HILARIOUS. We want y’all to come visit so we form our own band. We were thinking Wes & Chris would be hysterical playing it, too. Anyway…I’m gonna keep begging you to visit until you eventually show up. When it gets warmer (and I get my dresser up here from Georgia!) I’ll send you a gas card and the promise of some serious southern cookin’! Woo-woo!!!!!

  3. Merry Christmas Beckie…I have to say, all the Christmas parties and crafts this time of year, really made me miss you! You really are a wonderful friend…you’re so fun,and a Godly woman, and authentic and crafty…all the things I enjoy in a girlfriend! Hope you had a good one! Eryn

  4. Ever heard the phrase “change is good” LOL. Girl, I thought the first pic was a wig! I like “now” Beckie!

  5. I love your pictures Beckie — so cute that you and your cousins pose in the same positions each time! I can’t believe you moved so close to Christmas — you’re nuts LOL!

  6. Haha — I just read the comment from Lindsay — you fooled me! Please tell me your cousins are twins so I don’t feel so stupid!!!

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