Child Safety Tattoos

It is that time of month again…Silhouette Promo time!   Did you know in addition to the Silhouette machine cutting out fabric, paper, vinyl, rhinestones and cardstock it can also cut out temporary tattoos?

child safety tatoos (16)

This month I made some Child Safety temporary tattoos.   These are perfect when you take your small child into an area that has a lot of people…Disneyworld, crowded malls at Christmas, theme parks, etc.

I am not a normally paranoid momma but this added tattoo isn’t going to hurt any either.   For a child that does not already have your phone number memorized the Silhouette can help you design temporary tattoos with your phone number on it in case of an emergency.   Or if your child has a severe allergy you can make up some that says “no peanuts,” etc.

1.   Design your child safety tattoo in the Silhouette Studio program making sure to mirror your image and allow registration marks to show.

child safety tattoos

2.   Print it out onto the tattoo paper with a regular inkjet printer.   Adhere the plastic sheet over the top burnishing it down.   Then run it through the Silhouette machine to cut the tattoo out.


3.   Remove the plastic and stick it on your child’s arm wetting the back and pressing it for 10-15 seconds.   Peel off the backing and you have yourself a tatted up safe child.

child safety tatoos (2)

Here is the deal this month:

If you use the code “IHEARTIC” at checkout you receive 1 Silhouette SD and two packages of temporary tattoo paper all for $199 (United States only).   That is a $120 savings!

Also, for those of you who already know the joy of this little machine you can get 25% off all other products in the Silhouette shop (excluding gift cards and download codes)!   The promo will run June 21-29.

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