>So today at Chick-Fil-A if you dressed in full cow attire you got a free combo meal. Hello, did I hear free? I AM SO THERE, cow garb and all! I had to twist my hubby’s arm a little (you’re the best husband in the world Tim, have I told you that lately?) but he went. Isaac was so excited to wear his “special outfit.” Of course I fashioned our outfits out of stuff I already had so it cost me nothing but a little time and some swallowed hubby pride.

Do you like my baby cow on my belly with the udders? LOL!

They had a little petting area and pony rides for the kiddos. It was Isaac’s first pony ride. He immediately got on and said, “Yee-Haw!” He must have seen that on a show or something.

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  1. Ok Ok….Marky and I are dying here from laughter. Those costumes are too clever and so cute!

    You are too much, my love.


  2. oh my gosh! crackin me up! Cheapness knows no bounds AND your TALENT knows no bounds. Maybe you should put these pics of in your portfolio?!

  3. OH my that is very clever…But then I wouldnt think any less from you.
    Very cute.

  4. That is sooo funny! I love it!

    Congrats on your exciting news!! I am new to the blogging world and finally found your site! It is great!

  5. wow… no you didn’t! Just for a chick fil-a sammy.. they must be super tasty. Congrads on you news. I loved the eyelashes on your mask!

  6. that is hilarious!! i have always known you would do just about anything for something free and this proves it. love the costumes!

  7. I’m sooooo impressed you got TIM to do it too!! I could NEVER get Aaron to do anything like that! So fun for Issac though! What a good/fun mommy you are.

    Way to go TIM! You just earned some MAJOR points in the Hubby and daddy department, I hope you realize. 😉

  8. Oh my gosh! How cleaver. My husband brought up the the deal going on but I thought, no way, not dressing up like a cow. Plus I would never had thought of that. Cute. Thanks for visiting my site. I’m just curious to know, which I deal of yours is on my post?

  9. Oh yeah the glue stick idea. I’ve been collecting empty glue sticks and can’t wait to start this project. Great idea. Thanks!

  10. You CRACK me up!

    One of my bloggy pals just posted about singing at Starbucks this weekend…if you sang your order, it was free. She did, of course. And you SO know I’d be singing for some delicious caramel/mocha lattes. Opera style, baby!

    Tell Tim seeing him as a cow was the highlight of my day. He rocks.

  11. I just have one thing to say….


  12. Oh how fun!! My kids wanted to do that and I TOTALLY forgot. Your hubbie is a true champ. You have to love that because your children will never forget that marvelous memory.
    Balancing beauty and bedlam,

  13. Can you send me the cow costumes – I want to use those for my kids for Halloween – you are a spectacular artist – seriously cute – I would have never imagined one could “whip up” a cow costume from styro plates and markers – fabulous!

  14. Hi! I just found your blog the other day! This is so cute. We heard about it going on. I am going to have the kids make those cow masks! That is a cute idea!

  15. ok, that’s so funny that you dressed like a cow while pregnant…because so did I. But I was further along than you. It was for Diana K’s 40th birthday which was suppose to be a costume party…unfortunately nobody else dressed up. So there I was huge, pregnant, and dressed like a cow. For the utters I sowed bottle nipples on my shirt..it was lovely!
    Your cheapness never ceases to amaze me though! Looks like it was fun!

  16. You are the neatest mom ever! Those costumes should have won an award! Dave Ramsey would be so proud….

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