Cheapness Knows No Bounds

>So today at Chick-Fil-A if you dressed in full cow attire you got a free combo meal. Hello, did I hear free? I AM SO THERE, cow garb and all! I had to twist my hubby’s arm a little (you’re the best husband in the world Tim, have I told you that lately?) but he went. Isaac was so excited to wear his “special outfit.” Of course I fashioned our outfits out of stuff I already had so it cost me nothing but a little time and some swallowed hubby pride.

Do you like my baby cow on my belly with the udders? LOL!

They had a little petting area and pony rides for the kiddos. It was Isaac’s first pony ride. He immediately got on and said, “Yee-Haw!” He must have seen that on a show or something.