Cheap Fabric

Since you are reading my blog I am assuming you either like my creative ideas, are frugal, or that you are my mom. In the spirit of frugality I thought I would try and broaden your thinking when it comes to purchasing fabric. I visit my local Hobby Lobby or Joann’s weekly and purchase fabric so don’t get me wrong. However, with the rising cost of fabric we are looking at $6-$9 a yard at most stores for just a lightweight cotton. I am sure most of you use coupons to cheapen that a little but I wanted you to think outside the box.

If you have been a follower for any length of time you know I have used Isaac’s baby bedding for this project, this, and this. It is becoming a joke about how many uses I have gotten out of that fabric. But when I know how much it cost to buy I reconsider throwing it away.

I generally do not shop for clothes at yard sales unless they are neatly laid out. I hate the scouring and searching you have to do. I generally have my kids with me so it makes it that much more challenging. However, when people hang them on racks and I can see what they have to sell easily I am likely to peruse.

I also look at sheets, curtains, blankets, and comforters. When sheets are $.50-$1 they make great lining in purses, drop cloths for painting, and spreads for a picnic. Some of those funky old ladies muu muu’s have some fun prints on them and I have purchased some for various projects.
I got this dress for $1. I loved the fabric and it was lined as well. I purchased it fully intending on just using the fabric.

I made 4 lined purses and even managed to use the tie for some flower embellishments. I used practically every scrap of it. Then I added buttons which cost more than the fabric itself to give it a little bling. A purse for under $1? NOT BAD!

Realistically it would have cost around $5-7 total to make them from regular fabric and lining. It isn’t that I saved a ton of money but I now have $5 in my pocket for another project right? Every little bit adds up.

Now who needs four purses?!?! I bet you need one don’t ya? How about a giveaway?
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