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Since you are reading my blog I am assuming you either like my creative ideas, are frugal, or that you are my mom. In the spirit of frugality I thought I would try and broaden your thinking when it comes to purchasing fabric. I visit my local Hobby Lobby or Joann’s weekly and purchase fabric so don’t get me wrong. However, with the rising cost of fabric we are looking at $6-$9 a yard at most stores for just a lightweight cotton. I am sure most of you use coupons to cheapen that a little but I wanted you to think outside the box.

If you have been a follower for any length of time you know I have used Isaac’s baby bedding for this project, this, and this. It is becoming a joke about how many uses I have gotten out of that fabric. But when I know how much it cost to buy I reconsider throwing it away.

I generally do not shop for clothes at yard sales unless they are neatly laid out. I hate the scouring and searching you have to do. I generally have my kids with me so it makes it that much more challenging. However, when people hang them on racks and I can see what they have to sell easily I am likely to peruse.

I also look at sheets, curtains, blankets, and comforters. When sheets are $.50-$1 they make great lining in purses, drop cloths for painting, and spreads for a picnic. Some of those funky old ladies muu muu’s have some fun prints on them and I have purchased some for various projects.
I got this dress for $1. I loved the fabric and it was lined as well. I purchased it fully intending on just using the fabric.

I made 4 lined purses and even managed to use the tie for some flower embellishments. I used practically every scrap of it. Then I added buttons which cost more than the fabric itself to give it a little bling. A purse for under $1? NOT BAD!

Realistically it would have cost around $5-7 total to make them from regular fabric and lining. It isn’t that I saved a ton of money but I now have $5 in my pocket for another project right? Every little bit adds up.

Now who needs four purses?!?! I bet you need one don’t ya? How about a giveaway?
You must be a follower, leave a comment, and take the poll on my sidebar regarding how often you would like to see a Roadkill Rescue party in order to qualify to win.

I will pick a winner whenever I feel like it this weekend. 🙂 You have 24 hours to claim your prize..I will not come hunt you down. Cuz I am brutal like that. Happy Labor Day Weekend to ya!

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  1. First let me say, I LUURRRRVVV your blog. I have gotten so much inspiration from you. I look forward to reading it every day.
    And I would sooo LUURRVV getting one of the bags, I have a pair of purple satin shoes, that have a bow in the front just like the bags. match made in blog heaven!!!

  2. I enjoy your creativity and with i had just a percentage of yours. I started a "road kill" but I got distracted by building a room. I plan to get back to it, ASAP, as it is a gift! Thanks for all the ideas… keep them up!

  3. I enjoy your creativity and with i had just a percentage of yours. I started a "road kill" but I got distracted by building a room. I plan to get back to it, ASAP, as it is a gift! Thanks for all the ideas… keep them up!

  4. Sweet! I would LOVES me a purse! 🙂
    I follow you (I even have your button) and I voted. 🙂


  5. You are a fabric pioneer. Back in the day, nothing went to waste: From table cloths to curtains. From jeans to rugs. Things were used, used and reused. We could all learn to be in that mode again. You are doing a fantastic inspiring others to do just that.

    I think you should have your own tv program, like She's Crafty,have you seen that show?

  6. As usual, I am impressed! Dang it, I really want to learn to sew!! Those purses are precious!!

  7. As usual, I am impressed! Dang it, I really want to learn to sew!! Those purses are precious!!

  8. Such a great, timely post….I was just about to load the girls in the car and head to Fabric Depot w/ my coupon in hand….but perhaps we'll go look for some yard sale "finds" instead! 🙂

  9. I live in Canada where fabric is around $14/meter for the cheap stuff so this is a fantastic idea. I am off to see what I can find at the Salvation Army today!!! I have so many projects that are just waiting for me to save the money to buy fabric and I had never considered using other items like dresses and sheets. Thanks for the great blog I love all of your ideas!

  10. I follow you! I always get excited when I see that you post because there always seems to be something to inspire me. I voted too! Loved Roadkill Rescue. I haven't been brave enough to walk up to the neighbor's house and take what they set by the side of the road. But after looking at what everyone else has done, it will only be a matter of time before I do!

  11. Whether or not I win, I intended to commit on this post. I love the style of the bags, and the frugality angle. I regret all the times I have thrown out stuff that could have been repurposed, but I didn't think how. And I come from very frugal people, so there is no excuse. Anyway, in the future, I will be thinking twice before trashing things, especially fabric (all the more so because the fabric stores in my area are disappearing.)


  12. I am finally able to carry a purse that doesn't have to have wipes, a diaper, and formula in it which means GOODBYE big ugly bags and hello cute little purses! I would love to win a purse!

  13. We think so much alike! I haven't been able to run to Joann's lately, and I've been recycling my babies' fabrics. It's a great way to see the fabrics in a new light! It's so much fun.

  14. I knew when I saw the picture of the dress that you were going to use it like that. I've thought that several times about clothing I'm getting rid of. (PS, have 4 or 5 pairs of Ed's jeans that I couldn't convince myself to throw away.) : ) I've saved several baby clothes that were my absolute faves thinking I will make them into something else to enjoy. : )

    I am a follower (not a stalker), and will head on over to vote now. : )

  15. All three done! You know I love your blog…I posted you as one of my favs on my blog! 🙂

    Thanks for the chance to win. LOVE the purses and how you re-purposed the dress. So thrifty!

  16. I love all your creative ideas!
    And I have been thinking outside the box for fabric since its so DARN EXPENSIVE!

    Thank you for all your tips!
    Count me in!

  17. I do this kind of thing alot. For example, I buy a throw pillow for $1 and then use the form for another project. I wish I had enough storage to buy all the good finds that I come across for future projects. I love all of your wonderful ideas!

  18. I will have to start checking out the clothes at garage sales. I usually go right for the furniture or kitchen stuff!

    I missed the Road Kill party, but am eager to join in the fun the next one!

  19. I love the purses and have been a fan of reusing material for awhile. My grandfather gave me some quilts that my grandmother hand made. When I brought them home my mother pointed out pieces of material that started out as pieces of clothing from family members. Kinda cool to look at and remember. After my grandma and mom passed I took pieces from some of their favorite clothes and plan to add some of mine and make Hadley a generations blanket. Maybe I will use the extra to make a purse too. 🙂

  20. Well, you KNOW I'm a regular stalker…my philosophy is, "I'm sure Beckie knows how to do it!" and I always look here for ideas.

    These purses are ADORABLE. I just made myself a summer dress from a cheap sheet I had in my linen closet, and it turned out to be my favorite of the summmer! Is this the buttercup pattern? So darn cute. Of course, add me to the drawing puh-lease. I voted, I subscribe, and I'm commenting. 🙂

    I think my hubby would kill me if I did a roadkill rescue everymonth, so I voted once per quarter. You were right, peeps in the PNW don't throw good stuff away…I've been watching, but not found much worth owning.

  21. This is me…leaving a comment LOL! Love those purses, my daughter Eden (age 2) already has a purse obsession so I'm sure she'd love hiding it on me, hehehe.

    As for the road kill rescue party, I think once a month would be great. If it's closer than that, I won't have to participate regularly 🙂

  22. OK' I am a follower, and I entered your first RoadKill party, as well as voted for more Roadkill Rescue parties 😉

    I have a huge love affair with handbags. I so want to be entered. What you did is amazing, how talented are you?

  23. Love that project! I just got some good inspiration for frugal Christmas gifts! It is coming, you know!!! Way to recyle! Love it!
    ~Amber B

  24. I discovered your blog today and I have already read each "Real & Raw" post. Thank you for sharing your story and especially your faith. I also took the poll and became a follower.

  25. LOVE the purse! 😉 I consign most of my kids clothes – but have noticed that adult clothes are worth squat. A whole new source of fabric!!! 😉

  26. I love how you think outside the box and encourage others to do so, as well. You did an awesome job making those purses! I voted, I'm a follower so please count me in 🙂 Thanks so much for hosting such a generous giveaway!

    Have a wonderful holiday weekend!
    ~Michelle 🙂

  27. I love all your ideas. and I am a follower. I took the survey. Roadkill rescue was awesome. Thanks for always inspiring!!! I would love to win a purse.

  28. Well, I am a follower and think that you are fabulous. I took the poll, but I didn't participate in roadkill rescue this time. Shame on me! I am going to have to start looking for some fabulous free things for next time. I love the purse and would love to win!

  29. I'm a follower, of course! I don't see your poll up on your website (I"ll look again), but I'd love to see Roadkill party every month.

    I love getting fabric from garage sales. I can still remember one awesome sale where all the clothing was $.25. I got everything I could and have been cutting up pants and mumu's for projects all year. I also use my kid's stained clothing for lots of little projects because there are only so many rags you need around the house, right?

  30. Girl, you ROCK.

    I've got you on bloglines and keep up with you that way…now I'm off to take yer quiz…

    I ♥ Isaac's "new" racemat!

  31. Those purses are super cute! I'm like you also looking at garage sales for finds, but usually more for furniture and lamps. I'll have to look at their clothing to find some cute fabrics! 🙂

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