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Kids love chalkboards. An interior garage door is the perfect surface to add a little personality. Generally it is the door only your family sees. Why not make it fun with a little chalkboard paint? That is exactly what Jess from the East Coast Creative did. Join me in welcoming her and taking a spy at her mini garage makeover.

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Hey everyone! It’s Jess from the East Coast Creative Duo. I blog with my bestest friend in the whole world, Monica. Last month she surprised her husband with a garage mudroom makeover that was so awesome.

I know, right? So fun! As a result, I was inspired to organize our out-of-control garage. By out of control, I mean can’t-walk-through-without-tripping-on-wood scraps/kayaks/bikes/kids toys/trash/old furniture/tools etc. It was bad. Very bad. The one thing I decided to do was add some personality to our garage door that leads into our house with a little leftover chalkboard paint.

Isn’t it cute?! We also painted the wall with paint we had on hand, painted the trim white, added a cute, super easy set of hooks for bookbags and coats, and organized our shoes and everyday paper products. I’ve had this chalkboard paint FOREVER, and it has served me well through many projects!

Once I did three coats on the entire door using this method, I then seasoned it using a big piece of sidewalk chalk. Make sure you use the side of your chalk, instead of the tip, so you don’t leave any permanent marks on the door.

Definitely not the prettiest look after it’s been seasoned, but never fear!

Once you wipe it down with a damp cloth and add your text, the door starts looking a whole lot better! I was inspired by this vinyl from Wall Quotes, so if you don’t want to make a big statement like this, but still like the sentiment, you can buy it in smaller form.

Some of the phrases make me chuckle every time I walk in the house like “Down Boy”, “I’ll sign for that” and “What are you doing here?”.

I had an old frame laying around that I spray painted and added heavy duty magnets. I love the pop of color on the black door.

I can’t even tell you how much a transformation this area has undergone! Now, I don’t feel stressed every time I pass through. Makes mommy happy.

And the chalkboard step I added makes the kids happy.

It’s a win- win for everyone! 🙂 What crazy things have you painted with chalk paint?

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  1. This is the perfect location! I painted the interior door in our house leading to the basement. It’s been tons of fun, but the clean-up isn’t! Having it in the garage would be so much better!

  2. Love it! Looks amazing and the kids would love it too! Thanks for sharing. x Julie

  3. Love this idea!!! How much time did you leave between coats??? I thought I had read somewhere that you should put on two an hour apart then wait over night for the third coat. Do you know if that is necessary??? I am eager to get it completed.

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