Cereal Box Notepad Tutorial – UPDATED WITH NEW PICS

For those of you who like to reduce, reuse and recycle here’s another one for you. I have a friend who is a drug dealer (A.K.A. drug rep for TAP Pharmaceuticals) and he gave me a TON of free Prevacid paper. For those of you who have acid reflux you may have heard of it. HAHA! So here’s a fun tutorial:

1. Take apart the cereal box at the seams. Then cut the cereal box about 1/8″ – 1/4″ (whichever you like better) bigger than your pad of paper on the side and bottom. Make sure you cut out the area that you want showing. My paper was 5 1/2″ x 8″ so I cut my cereal box at 5 5/8″ x 8 1/8.” Cut the top of the cereal box on a fold. Example: Since the binding will be at the top I cut about 5/8″ of the top of the cereal box so that my crease/hinge is on the fold. I hope that makes sense. Cut out another piece for the back (you don’t have to worry about the crease if you don’t want to because you won’t open the back of the pad of paper the same way).

2. Line up the top of the paper with the top of your cereal box. Make a notepad sandwich with the top of your cereal box, then the pad of paper, then the back of your cereal box. I used binder clips to hold it in place.

3. Mark a dot in the center along the fold. Then mark every inch or so beyond that on both sides.

4. Using an electric hand drill or drill press drill your holes with a 1/8″ bit.

5. With embroidery floss to match and a dull needle (this is the same as a needle that children use to sew those canvas things with yarn) sew your binding together starting in the back and working through to the front of the book (so that your knot is on the back). It is pretty self-explanatory but if you need some further directions:

* Start by stitching up through the middle hole. Leave a couple of inches of thread at the back of the book to tie a knot with later.
* Stitch down through the next hole towards the top of the book and then around the spine and back down through the same hole.
* Stitch up through the hole nearest the top of the book and then around the spine and back up through the same hole.
* Stitch around the top of the book and back up through the same hole.
* Stitch down through the next hole towards the center.
* Here’s the only tricky part: Skip the center hole and stitch up through the second hole from the bottom, then around the spine and back up through that same hole. As you go past the middle hole, keep the loose end (coming through the middle hole) towards the open side of the book.
* By now you have the idea: down through the hole closest to the bottom, around the spine and back down, around the bottom and back down, up through the hole closer to the center, down through the middle hole, and finally around the spine and back down through the middle hole. As you go through the middle hole this last time, keep the needle on the spine side of the thread that skipped the middle hole.
*Tie the ends together over the thread that skipped the middle hole, and trim the knot. That’s it!

6. I wrapped the floss around each hole twice for added support. Then tie off the string in the back and cut off the excess.

There you have it. The project takes about 15 minutes start to finish. This would be a great project for older kids. I am sure your child has a favorite cereal. Why not make them a sketch pad, they’d love it. I have also made notepads out of gameboards as well. I made my mom a Scrabble board book for keeping score. Maybe I will get her to take a picture of it and I will post that also.

Here’s a picture of it opened up with my Prevacid paper. No acid reflux for me, except for when I was pregnant with Isaac.

I got my mom to take a picture of the scorebook I made for her a couple of years ago. I used Scrabble letters on the board to spell out “Udell Scorebook”

I used a steno pad of legal size yellow paper for the inside.

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  1. you crack me up! Who woulda thunk? I’ll put that in my file for when they’re older. Keep the ideas comin’.

  2. Cute! I just love all your ideas.

  3. Could you cover it with a pretty scrapbook paper? Well, maybe that would defeat the eco friendliness of it. You come up with so many ideas. Where do they all come from? Amazing.

  4. And Oh! Did ya notice my pretty toes in the picture of the SCRABBLE score keeper???

    {{{giggle giggle}}}

  5. Mrs Hannigan says:

    Oh I am so about drilling holes in things. I can’t wait to see what I come up with. Thanks for posting this:)

  6. Those so are so cool and creative!!! We just finished a cereal box and as soon as I get some free time, I am going to try it!

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