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So after round 2 with the Ce Ce Caldwell Chalk and Clay paints I must say I love them. Now I wouldn’t say this is the only paint I will ever use. I still think latex and spray paints will always be in my arsenal. However, if you have a project where you want to layer paints or sand to show some architectural detail then I would definitely recommend the Ce Ce Caldwell chalk and clay paint. It leaves such a smooth finish on your piece. Followed by the Ce Ce Caldwell wax (oh my gosh it is amazing!) and you will have a beautiful piece you of furniture you will want to pass down to your children.


Here is what I love about the paint.

1. It is all green.  You can paint indoors, with kids and animals around, and when you are pregnant.  It is all natural and has no fumes to the paint.  This is especially nice when it is too cold for me to paint outside.  I can just bring it indoors and not worry about ventilation.

2.  You don’t need to sand before you paint. While you do want to properly prep your surface to make sure it is even and free of any grease the CeCe Caldwell paint sticks to everything without sanding.  It is nice to not have to have the extra step of priming.

3.  The wax is amazing.  Not only do I love the finish, but this wax goes a long way.  I applied it with a wax brush and then buffed it to a nice hard finish.  You can tell with clarity where you have waxed, since the paint turns much darker when it is applied.  Jessie from Imperfectly Polished painted with me that day and took a picture of what I am talking about.


Nice! It is so gorgeous.  I probably love the waxes more than the paints and have used the wax over regular latex and spray paint because I love the finish.  I have heard the Annie Sloan waxes are super stinky but I haven’t tried it.  This stuff smells great and is non-petroleum based so you can ship it via the post office.


4.  It is chalk and clay based paint.  Since the paint has clay in it it will be very obvious if it is still wet or not.  Since it dries fast as well you can easily do a project in a day without a need for a day dry time.  Plus it dries to a matte finish.


5.  This paint is perfect for layering and distressing.  This paint is made for layering.  You just paint one on top of the other.  You can sand it or wet rub it off like Jessie did with a wet rag.  The wet distressing was perfect since Jessie painted a picture frame and wanted the original gold to pop through.


Here is a picture of the legs on my sofa table that I sanded to see the original black peeking through and the first layer of the Destin Gulf Green I used.


Now with all that said the paint is still pricey and you can’t get every color in the rainbow like you can with latex paint.  It is slightly less expensive than the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint but retailing at $32.95 is STEEP! So while I do love the paint I definitely would reserve it for special pieces since I am cheap.  But you do have to take into account that it will go further than regular latex paint and you don’t have to pay extra for primer.

So I hope that helps you make your decision.  The real only downside for me has everything to do with price and not the paint itself.

If you live in the Indianapolis area The Pauper’s Castle in Westfield, IN is having classes in January.  I highly recommend a class.  When you spend that much on the paint you want to make sure you know all it can and can’t do for you.

If you live in Michigan near Lansing check out Bungalow 47.  Jill and Chantelle are amazing and would love to talk to you about the paint as well.  They will have new classes in January as well.

If you are looking for a CeCe Caldwell retailer in your area check out her site.

Disclaimer: I was not paid for this post.  The gals from Bungalow 47 did come down to show me how to use the paint with absolutely no obligations to post or talk about it.  But, as with everything, I like to share my thoughts on DIY products.

Check out some CeCe Caldwell painted pieces from some of the local gals that joined me for that day that the Bungalow 47 and Pauper’s Castle ladies came for a visit.

Thrifty Décor Chick’s painted set of drawers


Imperfectly Polished Painted Frame


Saved By Love Creations $5 End Table


Here is another post I did on 5 Ways to use Chalk Paint.

Chalk Paint Pin

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  1. So glad you are on the CeCe band wagon now. They have a great paint palette and are so easy to work with. I use it extensively in my vintage furniture business. I used to be “cheap”, but then I realized how much $$$ it saved me even though it’s pricey. Primer $$, several coats of latex $$$, time $$$$$$. Looking forward to many more projects from you!!!

    Take care and have an awesome holiday! I really enjoy your blog!

  2. I really believe in this company. I have been amazed to see how it has grown from an idea to something that sells out all over the United States. Thanks for giving it such a beautiful review. There are so many amazing things about this paint and this company that I wish I could write about them all the time (but that would get kind of boring). PS Your table really is so gorgeous.

  3. You busted me. I wish I could! 🙂 However, if I read EVERY blog, EVERY day that I would like to read…I think I might have to schedule 8 hours daily just to read and comment. Haven’t figured out how to add time to a day yet. But if I do….

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