Tim and Isaac were mowing the lawn and all of the sudden Tim saw something hopping in my garden. So he stopped the lawn mower and caught a little bunny rabbit. Isaac was so enthralled with the little guy. He kept petting it and trying to kiss it. So Isaac and daddy went and “freed” the bunny near a field.

So Tim resumed mowing the lawn and saw another critter hopping. So him and Isaac caught another and freed it again.

Mowing resumed…another hopping…caught a 3rd bunny….freed him.

Mowing resumed again…more hopping…tried to catch #4 but he hopped away and Tim couldn’t find him.

No wonder my beans plants had so many bite marks out of them. The weird thing is they didn’t touch my lettuce. I thought they were supposed to be lettuce lovers. Hmmmm.

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  1. Wow! totally didn’t think rabbits would be that easy to catch.
    You didn’t want to keep some of them as pets? 😉
    Cute though, in a I-hope-you’re-not-eating-my-garden kind of way…

  2. They are cute! I can’t believe he actually caught them. Ours are stinkin’ fast. Too fun for Isaac.

    Was that you that left the comment about Sarah’s trike? It was a different name.

  3. Cute and fun! How nice of Tim not to just run them over with the mower.

    I was bit once by a wild bunny that I caught. I still tried to keep it, but Dave made me let it go (yes I was a grown up!).

  4. what great shots of the bunnies – my kids would so have wanted to keep those for pets!! glad you were able to set them free – maybe your garden will be left alone now!

  5. I found some bunnies in a hole in my yard, back in my 20s’. I had heard that the mother would not come back for them if they were touched my human hands. So I kept them.

    Welp…..I must have over-fed them, one day, cuz they were all blouted and laying on their sides one morning.

    Oops! 🙁

  6. I love the look on Isaac’s face in the first picture…simply adorable.

    Y’all need to come visit…we have tons of bunnies, turkeys, groundhogs, skunks, deer, and fox. It’s a regular redneck zoo around here!

  7. That’s so cute! Emily still remembers catching a bunny at our house from when she was like 3 years old!

  8. Awww, cute! My babies love the bunnies who hop into our backyard. The ones in our yard are a lot bigger though!

    ~ Sarah

  9. we had a bunny adopt us last december and has been hanging out with our German Shepherd ever since. they sleep together and the bunny actually followed the dog around the yard. well, puppy finally played a little too hard. yesterday bunny was hopping around with his head all crooked looking and he died last night. so sad. we are thinking about making him into gloves because his fur was so gorgeous. is that gross??

    hey – do you know what your baby’s sex is yet????

    love you guys!

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