Happy Day!

Yesterday my honey and I were on an organization rampage. It was a blast. We were moving Isaac’s games to another closet when Tim decided to throw away the instructions to Chutes & Ladders. Me: “Honey don’t throw those away!” Honey: “What? “The directions to Chutes & Ladders?” Me: ” Yah.” Honey: “Do you think {…Read More…}

I Can See Clearly Now the Rain is Gone

The sun is out, I had a date night with my husband last night, I started a new Bible study on Wednesday, I have great friends from Vancouver who sent me a “baby shower in a box”, I got flowers from my dad, tons of emails from friends, and a bunch of sweet comments from {…Read More…}

I’m Falling Apart

one body part at a time… On Friday I had an emergency appendectomy. Can you believe it? Two weeks after having a baby, I need to have an appendectomy!?!?! So now my midsection is sore (it makes propping a breastfeeding baby a tad difficult). I also have a ganglian cyst on my wrist that I {…Read More…}

Beware: Postpartum Thoughts

Warning: Do not read the below post if you want to continue to see me as a sweet, red-headed Midwest gal who does cool, creative projects. You’re view of me will be forever skewed. Tonight is the first time I am venturing out since having Kayla. No, for real. I have not been out of {…Read More…}