Yeah…Friends! (who like games)

We invited a couple from church over tonight for dinner. They were our official first guests. Their names are Ryan & Amy. And guess what? They like games…well at least Amy does. They actually brought over a game that I hadn’t played…yes I thought it was impossible. It is called Blokus (I am not sure {…Read More…}

My Birthday Weekend

Well it is official. As of 10:48 PM Chicago time on August 10th, 2007 I turned 3o. (Sigh!) But my wonderful family spoiled me and I had a fantabulous weekend. I hung out with my favorite Uncle Geno. It is very strange because all growing up he was the one who taught me how to {…Read More…}

Out With the Gals

So all the pastors on staff went to the Willow Creek Leadership Summit in Chicago for the week. So all of us wives are left behind so we decided to go out to eat for my birthday which was just a great excuse to get together if you ask me. 🙂 We had a great {…Read More…}

Suburban Housewife

So last night I did the surburban housewife thang….I went and played Bunco. You all know how I love games but Bunco just doesn’t do it for me. I think because there is more luck involved in the game and not strategy. (Yes I did lose, in case you are wondering –maybe that is why {…Read More…}