Children’s Game Storage

Have any of you wanted to pull out your hair, or the hair of your children, at the game boxes they thrash? It seems like a lot of linens come in these little plastic zippered cases. I can never throw them away and have collected quite an assortment of them. Every single one of Isaac’s {…Read More…}

Power Tools: 1-5

I have been asked a few times about all the tools and craft accessories I have and where people should spend their money if they were to purchase some of these items. Since the sunshine and family in town is luring me away from projects I thought I would use this time to do a {…Read More…}

Removable, Zippered, Velcroed Pouch

When Isaac was born my good friend Leigh Anne from college sent me a Boat & Tote bag from Lands End with his name embroidered on it. When I received it I was thinking, “What in the world am I supposed to do with this? Do I put it in his room for decoration? It {…Read More…}

Bitty Hair Flowers

We were getting ready for church this morning and I put Kayla in a cute red, white and blue sundress. I wanted to put a flower on her headband to match but I did not have any. So I went to my flower stash to go make one. I was kind of bummed to use {…Read More…}