Cleaning Paintbrushes

Winner of the Piggy Paint Giveaway is actually comment #1 (what are the chances?) *CPA* Su said… Tea Party for Two…how pretty!! I’d paint mine and my daughter’s piggy’s with it!! 🙂  Ok so this is not the coolest post in America but I think it is useful.  Sometimes I get super lazy when I {…Read More…}

Fixing Furniture

I often get sent pictures from my readers of furniture they… a) found on the side of the road (Rock on brave girl!) b) received for free from a family member/neighbor/friend (LOVES me friends like that!) c) bought cheap at a yard sale, thrift store, etc. (score!) I get asked questions like, “What can I {…Read More…}

Great Idea Day

Hello and welcome to Great Idea Day!  Grab the button off my sidebar and add it to your post and then link up. It doesn’t have to be a new post, grab one from your archives. What is that one thing that you thought, “Wow that is a great idea!”  That is what we want {…Read More…}

Homemade Foaming Hand Soap

This Friday we are doing “Great Idea Day” at the Mom’s group I lead in my community.  Each woman brings with her a tip or trick that works for her.  It could be a discipline tactic, a favorite product, a great book, how to motivate your kids to clean, a great day trip etc. As {…Read More…}