Windproof Picnic Quilt

Raise your hand if while on your summer picnics you put pairs of shoes on the corners of the blanket to keep it from blowing away?   Yep, you do it too, huh?   Well here is a simple idea using grommets and golf tees to keep your blanket in place.   No more wind {…Read More…}

5 Ways to Creative Mailing Ideas

There are not many people who don’t love getting mail. I am not referring to credit card offers and Valpaks. I am talking about envelopes and packages that elicit excitement in wondering who it’s from and what’s inside. (In case you can’t tell, I REALLY like getting mail. If you want to make my day, {…Read More…}

Notched Keys

Do you have more than one key on your keychain that you can never tell apart?  Most of the time men are most guilty of not marking their keys.  Women have less of a hard time blinging out our keys.  We don’t mind having a keychain that looks like this… After all, everything on my {…Read More…}

Kitchen Drawer Organization

I love a “great idea!” I am obsessed with tips and tricks that will make my life easier, more comfortable, less work, and happier! I never watch the Today Show.  But for some reason it was left on and I happen to catch their famous guest…Martha Stewart .  She was giving a little advice on {…Read More…}