Wii Game Storage

While we only just got the Wii a few months back I can see how a family can amass quite a few games.  We only have 6 games currently but I figured I would rather be proactive in the storage area than reactive.  So with the newest addition to our playroom (A.K.A…the Blue TV Cabinet) {…Read More…}

Vintage Door Knob Hooks

Over the years I have amassed a huge box full of vintage door knobs, drawer pulls, door knockers and other hardware.  I love vintage door knobs but have never really known what to do with them.  Well I finally figured out how to convert them into drawer pulls or wall hooks which will make them {…Read More…}

Great Ideas Day

I am so excited to host a Great Ideas Day linky party.  I rarely ever have linky parties so I am a little nervous I might be the only one who shows up.  But that is okay…I can rock a party by myself, right? Here is why I love the idea of a Great Ideas {…Read More…}

Strange Storage

I am sure there are plenty of you out there who use unordinary items for storage.  I am not the only one who saves Crystal Light containers and reuses them for a teacher’s gift, right? I can’t be flying solo when it comes to repurposing tin cans for storage, correct?  There is definitely some other {…Read More…}