Magazine Rack Refab

I have been looking for a magazine rack to hold all the free (Yes…I SAID FREEE!!! ) magazines I get…Family Fun, Better Homes & Gardens, Parenting, Martha Stewart Living, Ready Made and now thanks to Lindsay –House Beautiful! I haven’t seen any magazine racks at yard sales or Craigslist that were in my price range. {…Read More…}

Roadkill Rescue: Step Stool Refab

I’MBAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!! I have a confession to make, (since I haven’t nearly told you enough about myself 😉 I am a trash picker. Yes I admit it. I am no longer ashamed. At the end of the month when we have large item collection day I get all giddy on Monday night. Now before you think {…Read More…}

In Progress

I am not really good at posting pictures while my projects are in progress. I much rather show you the finished product. But I decided to let you in the room early. I know you are excited! Ok there is her name on the wall that I painted (via a transparency on a projector) and {…Read More…}

Making Room for Baby Girl

The baby girl’s room is coming along. I have found a few deals I gotta tell you about. I found this white chandelier on Craigslist for $10. I removed the white fabric from the shades and reupholstered them, added some ribbon, spray painted the lamp pink, added some Christmas garland bling and made a cord {…Read More…}