How to Upholster an Antique Chair

For those of you who have been IC fans for a while you remember back in September when I got this chair at a Salvation Army store for $20 for my guest room. I refabbed her and she came out looking like this… I wasn’t thrilled with the Heirloom White frame so I went crazy {…Read More…}

Antique Chair Refab Refab

I love how the antique chair turned out. However, the more I look at it in the room the more I was unsatisfied. The Heirloom White color is not white at all it is cream all the way. It should be called Heirloom Cream. The fabric is definitely not a true white but not cream {…Read More…}

Antique Chair Refab

I finished refabbing the antique chair I got from the Salvation Army over Labor Day weekend. I love how it turned out and I am awfully proud of my upholstery job. I get more confident every time I do it. When I was taking it apart out dropped a tiny little crochet needle and another {…Read More…}

I Can’t Resist Free!

Of course we did it again! The annual “Dress Like a Cow” Day at Chick-Fil-A was today and we even got my mom and stepdad to dress up. However, they conveniently trashed their costumes after they got the free food but before the camera came out. Love me some free food! They had the ponies {…Read More…}