Roadkill Rescue: Queen Bed Frame

Have you started your Roadkill Rescue project yet? You have one week left! Here is a Roadkill Rescue project that I found this week. I saw this bed frame in pieces in my neighbor’s trash. At first glance it looked like a double bed frame. I didn’t have a need for a double bed frame {…Read More…}

Roadkill Rescue Party

 I am having a parrrrrrrrrrrrrrrty! Yep it’s true. It is my first ever blog party and I want you to join me. In honor of the last day of my birthday month, August 31st will be my Roadkill Rescue party. I will have food, I will have music and of course there will be a {…Read More…}

Roadkill Rescue: Affirmation Board

So I was cruising along the neighborhood on trash day scouring for free junk minding my own business when I saw this sitting next to a trash can ready to be picked up by Mr. Trashman. The dry erase board had long lost it’s writing effectiveness so it was out the door. I have had {…Read More…}

Roadkill Rescue: Step Stool Refab

I’MBAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!! I have a confession to make, (since I haven’t nearly told you enough about myself 😉 I am a trash picker. Yes I admit it. I am no longer ashamed. At the end of the month when we have large item collection day I get all giddy on Monday night. Now before you think {…Read More…}