Rocker Refab

My dad’s girlfriend Gina is the world’s best gift giver. She has the ability to find a novelty gift that I just love. For Mother’ Day she sent me a musical card that played “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” It said to relax and rejuvenate – I deserved it. Tucked inside the card was a Yankee {…Read More…}

Step Stool Refab…kinda

I had a brilliant idea…or so I thought. Isaac has been taking his plastic bin off his shelves to use as a stepstool to turn his light on when he wakes up early. You see my son is not allowed out of his room until 8 a.m. and then 5 p.m. after naptime. Yes, we {…Read More…}

Big Boy Bed Desk Chair

Since I finished painting Isaac’s bunk beds in November I have been looking for a chair for his desk. I could not find anything that would work. My chair qualifications were:1. That it had a pad to reupholster2. That it was less than $53. That is was solid wood4. That is was smaller than a {…Read More…}

Poor, Poor Brown Shade

54 comments and not one of you said that you liked the brown shade. The poor shade has shunned himself to our closet in hopes that he may “fit in” one day. Poor guy. I kinda feel bad for him. I looked all over town for a drum shade that would work in proportion to {…Read More…}