Do you remember this project? That was the most aggressive project I have taken on in a long time. But when I took on this project I failed to notice the ginormous belly I was growing. So I called in the troops (actually begged and offered meals, cleaning, crafts, etc., to bribe them) to help {…Read More…}

From Boy to Girl!

Hey everybody I am back from my vacation with hubs. Did you miss me? I am all clear-headed, refreshed, and ready to face the winter and finish out this last trimester before baby girl comes. I showed you the fabric I got for baby girl’s room a couple of posts back. I wanted to reupholster {…Read More…}

Bathroom Mirror Refab

I got this hideously gold-gilded mirror on clearance at Menards. I thought it would be perfect for black, white and red downstairs bathroom –with a little spray paint of course. So I took the mirror home and got out my Canyon Black spray paint by American Accents, taped up my mirror and went to spray {…Read More…}

Art Refab…Refab…Refab

I went to a community yard sale this weekend and scored some great deals. I got this heavy-as-all-get-out plaster art piece. The piece itself didn’t look too shabby the color it was. But if you notice it had a corner missing and some chips in the plaster. Nothing a little plaster of Paris could fix. {…Read More…}