Project #6 Photo Frame Redo

I got this perfectly nice frame for $12 at Flower Factory. But I just can’t leave well enough alone can I? Most people probably shop for things that match a room when they buy accessories, right? I just shop, find something I like, at a price I like even more, and then re-do it to {…Read More…}

Little Table Refab

I got this little table for $5 at a yard sale this past fall. I loved how tiny it was and of course the price. It was just the right size for a side table near the rocking chair for me to use while nursing Kayla. Of course it was an ugly oak and did {…Read More…}

In Progress

I am not really good at posting pictures while my projects are in progress. I much rather show you the finished product. But I decided to let you in the room early. I know you are excited! Ok there is her name on the wall that I painted (via a transparency on a projector) and {…Read More…}

Making Room for Baby Girl

The baby girl’s room is coming along. I have found a few deals I gotta tell you about. I found this white chandelier on Craigslist for $10. I removed the white fabric from the shades and reupholstered them, added some ribbon, spray painted the lamp pink, added some Christmas garland bling and made a cord {…Read More…}