Healthy Cranberry Pistachio Energy Bites (43 calories each)

So if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you might remember that I am 7 months into a one year of healthy changes to my eating and diet.  I have lost 30 lbs and gained a bunch of muscle.  And I am up to running 6 miles in an 8:53 pace.  WHAT???  Who is this girl! Now, I promise I am not going to turn into a health blogger, I am so under qualified to speak about that.  But I am going to post some recipes and some things I am learning a long the way.  I am super happy with the slow changes I have made and look and the feel the best I have ever felt.  If you want to hear more about my tips and tricks check out this post where I talk about the things that have helped me.

cranberry pistachio bites

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350 Calorie Chicken & Basil Pizza

If you started with a New Year’s resolution of eating healthier and getting fit by now you are tired of being good, your eating choices are boring and you are ready to give up, right?  I know that feeling.  I have been going at small changes in my health since August 24th and it is HARD.  The eating portion of being healthy will always be my biggest struggle.  What can I say I love food! And not just any food.  Cinnamon rolls, cookies, candy, and chocolate kinda food.

healthy homemade pizza recipe

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Peppermint Chocolate Snow Ice Cream

If you have no idea that much of the Unites States is in Snowmageddon 2014 you haven’t been on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.  I will spare you the picture but right now I am sitting in a nice warm house under a heated blanket while the current weather reads –12 with a wind chill of –35.  Roads are all shut down, schools are closed and you can’t find milk or bread at any grocery store.  It has been a long time since I have been in that cold of weather.

peppermint chocoloate snow ice cream 

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Basil Parmesan Orzo Recipe

It is not often I share a recipe on here.  So you know when I do it is a good one.  I am obsessed with BASIL.  Ever since growing it last year for the first time, I devour it any chance I get.  In fact, on my 35th birthday last year, my hubby was talking to my son about what they should get me for the big day.  My son replied “I don’t know but it must have basil in it, she LOVES BASIL.”  It’s true!  While most green leafy things turn me off I give anything with BASIL a chance.  

basil parmesan orzo recipe

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