Growth Charts

You know how you go to your well baby checks and they tell you what percentile your child is in? You hear something like the 95th percentile (like I did) and all the sudden you feel like your child got an A on his exam? When in all reality it doesn’t really matter. All babies {…Read More…}

The Melting Pot

Ok so I have just a week or so until August 1st (when I go on my starvation- bulimic diet- just kidding) so I stuffed my face at the Melting Pot today. Love the food, love the ambience, love the fact that I had a babysitter. Tonight is our last night in Georgia. Then we {…Read More…}

A Day in Georgia

So we are nearing the end of our time in Georgia (we leave Sunday). My FIL and MIL have spoiled Isaac rotten. Today we went to Tim’s favorite restaurant – Cracker Barrel. I think I have gained 10 lbs since I have been there. I am going to get serious come August 1st or I {…Read More…}

Always an Adventure with the Farrants

Ok so my MIL is like a “create memories” freak. What does that mean? Well she lives and breathes for creating family memories. So let me tell you about our family memories this week. Well first off we were going to go camping. We got lost for two hours (because my FIL is the “Short {…Read More…}