Mother’s Day

Today’s blog is dedicated to my mom. As a punk teenager I would have never thought my mom and I would ever be close. But she is one of the first people I run to when my world comes crashing down, or I need to complain or vent, or need some to empathize with me. {…Read More…}

Weekend with Beau-Nonni

Beau-Nonni (my mom) and Beau-Poppy came for a visit from Georgia this weekend. We had a fabulous time. Isaac responded so well to them. When we visited them in Georgia in June he wouldn’t go to her. He was probably just out of whack from traveling and moving and all that. But this time he {…Read More…}

A New Obsession

I got a bike seat for Isaac that hooks on my bike. ($180 seat, got on Craigslist for $20 – of course). He just loves to ride behind mommy. All day long he begs to go outside and then points to the bike and whines until I take him on it. I just ride around {…Read More…}

Mommy and Me

Two feet, too sweet! Mommy and me playing in the water fountain.