Mister Independent

I leave for Hawaii on Tuesday and tomorrow I am going to fly to Hotlanta (Atlanta for those you have never visited) and bring Isaac to his grandparents for the time we are gone. He is staying with Tim’s parents half the time and my mom and her husband half the time. So as much {…Read More…}

This Never Happens

Isaac is such an active boy that we rarely get these moments. When we do they are definitely photoworthy. He looks like he is sleeping but he is really just watching TV with dad.

Rainy Summer Day

After moving from the Northwest I thought I had seen every type of rain imaginable. But Indiana rain comes down so quick, so fast, and so much. It is like God just turned on a faucet from heaven. I was talking on the phone and got off and realized my son and husband where M.I.A. {…Read More…}

Labor Day Weekend

I couldn’t find my camera for a couple of days (cleaning out the car helped though) and I am knee deep in getting my art projects ready for Hawaii…sorry for no posts for a couple of days. I know you live and breath to read my blog so it must have been difficult. Tim’s family {…Read More…}