Sappy Sunday

Sweet Isaac, I love your smile and your eskimo kisses. I like to play Hullabaloo with you, even though you beat me (fair and square) nearly every time. I love (most days) how you are independent and have an opinion. You have so much energy and have an undeniable compassion and love for people. You {…Read More…}

Happy 1-Month Birthday Baby Girl

I am…

I am tired. I was impatient with my son today. I cried. I had a headache. My neck hurts for some weird reason from my surgery. I ignored phone calls from people who love me. I am totally isolating myself and can’t think of anyone else but me right now. Just being honest. I am {…Read More…}

Update on Baby Girl

I keep getting emails because I haven’t posted pictures of Kayla. So here she is all ready for church in her new snazzy outfit the church secretary got her and a bow on her head (of course!). Here is mommy with makeup on for the first time since Kayla was born (had to document this {…Read More…}