My Daughter’s Health Part 2

Now I am not a hug-a-tree kinda girl.  I don’t eat organic, vegan, or vegetarian.  My first preference is not broccoli and I don’t exercise near the amount I should.  I could easily handle to lose 20 pounds and have a sweet tooth that could rival anyone.  I don’t take vitamins and don’t check labels.  I say all that to say looking at alternative medicine wasn’t in my DNA. But I was committed to finding someone in the world that could help my daughter. I was a desperate woman willing to try anything to help her daughter feel better again.  And I was so sad to see the miserable look in my daughter’s eyes when she couldn’t breath, didn’t feel well, and was tired all the time.



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My Daughter’s Health Part 1

I wanted to share with you our story of struggling with health issues with Kayla.   This is so minor in comparison to 99% of the child health issues I read about daily.  I haven’t talked any about Kayla’s low immunity issues because I thought it was normal and I didn’t want to come off as a complainer.  All kids get sick, but when Kayla gets sick, she gets real sick.  She doesn’t bounce back quick at all.  And then once she is sick she gets repeated colds, ear infections, and flus over and over again. 


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