Pottery Barn Turner Toy Chest

I have had this oak chest for 12 years.   It was a precious gift made by my father-in-law before Tim and I were wed.   I remember when he gave this to me thinking, “Oh my gosh, they like me, I am like part of the family if I am getting a handmade piece {…Read More…}

Pottery Barn Nest Pillow

Have you seen the new “Nest Pillow” at Pottery Barn for $49? Isn’t it darling?   Well my friend Amy came up with an embroidered version of it.   Since we both have the same embroidery machine she downloaded the file to mine and look what I have sitting on my newly reupholstered chairs… We used {…Read More…}

Ballard Designs: Acanthus Cut-Out Plaque

Did you get the latest Ballard Designs catalog? You do get that right? Oh my gosh…it is chock full of inspiration. If you don’t get it and you would like to click here to sign up. Of course I would never purchase anything from the catalog because I am too cheap. However, I use it {…Read More…}