Distressed Black Cabinets Part 2

For part one of my cabinet remodel click here. 1. I handed painted with a HIGH QUALITY BRUSH (mine is a Purdy brand and it ROCKS!) all the cabinet bases by hand. You can also use one of those foam rollers if you would like. I found it just as easy to use a brush. {…Read More…}

Distressed Black Cabinets Part 1 PREP

I got about fifteen comments asking how I painted my cabinets.  Since I did it almost a year ago when I had about 100 followers I figured I would repost this in case you wondering how it is doneā€¦  Alright I am going to attempt to walk you through how I did my kitchen cabinets. {…Read More…}

Kitchen Reveal

REPOST:  This is a repost of my kitchen reveal from nearly a year ago. It is finally here! The day I have been waiting for all my life. Ok…maybe just 1 year, 3 months, 1 week and 1 day for. My kitchen no longer looks craptastically oak! What an exciting day. So here are the {…Read More…}

Project #20 Hang Moulding on Cabinets

Are you kidding me? No, I have not done a new project. I sat on my butt holding my new baby girl watching my mother-in-love clean my kitchen floor, bathrooms, do my laundry and clean my kitchen while my father-in-love was busy hanging moulding on the top and bottom of my kitchen cabinets and doing {…Read More…}