Project #12 Baby Legs

Have you seen these sweet little babylegs? I had a friend buy me a pair for Kayla that I can’t wait to use. I haven’t used them yet (obviously) but I have seen a few tutorials on them and I thought they would be fun to try and make. My first pair was made out {…Read More…}

Project #11 Baby Shoes

There are a few projects over the course of my 10 1/2 year marriage that have not worked. My husband loves to tell the story of how I tried to crochet him gloves in college (it ended up looking like a Mickey Mouse hand). He always reminds me when I bought all these supplies to {…Read More…}

Project #7 Hair Clippie Craze!

I told you one of these days I was going to go on a hair clippie rage. I needed to fill this right? The funny part is Kayla will probably refuse to wear them. But they will make nice baby shower gifts. I mean no little girl needs 19 plus clippies, right? LOL! I think {…Read More…}

Car Seat Tent

Project #5 Car Seat Tent Ok this is going to be a rough tutorial. I hope you can follow it if you desire to make one of these. I have seen these all over the place lately. They are in baby boutiques, online and on etsy of course. I wasn’t about to pay $40-$50 for {…Read More…}