Welcome to my World…A Photoshoot Gone Awry

I am sure you have seen and heard plenty of bloggers talk about how many photos they shoot for one post.  It is hundreds.  And then you edit them and make them look all blog pretty.  The nice part about most of my photo shoots is that the object fully cooperates.  Unless it doesn’t…


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DIY Upcycled T-shirt Dress

I am loving upcycling old t-shirts.  T-shirt material is so forgiving and it usually doesn’t need extra prep for the edges not to fray.  I was inspired by Cheri from I am Momma Hear Me Roar to try my sewing skills at using t-shirts to make a layered dress for Kayla. I must say once you get the hang of it you can’t stop making them.  They are so fun and embellishing makes them each unique.


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Handmade Halloween Cards {with free Silhouette cut file}

Kayla absolutely loves art and I am always looking for useful projects she can do.  Yesterday she got a card in the mail from her other grandma and is itching to write her back.  So today I came up with come cut out Halloween cards that she could color or use washi tape behind it to dress it up.  She loves getting to use mommy’s special tape so she was all over it.  I made the Silhouette files available for those that have the machine.  This would be a great Halloween classroom craft for teacher’s too.

silhouette ghost halloween card

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My Daughter’s Health Part 2

Now I am not a hug-a-tree kinda girl.  I don’t eat organic, vegan, or vegetarian.  My first preference is not broccoli and I don’t exercise near the amount I should.  I could easily handle to lose 20 pounds and have a sweet tooth that could rival anyone.  I don’t take vitamins and don’t check labels.  I say all that to say looking at alternative medicine wasn’t in my DNA. But I was committed to finding someone in the world that could help my daughter. I was a desperate woman willing to try anything to help her daughter feel better again.  And I was so sad to see the miserable look in my daughter’s eyes when she couldn’t breath, didn’t feel well, and was tired all the time.



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