A Cluttered Wreck

So I thought I would show you a few of my messes. Everyone loves to see a messy house when it is not theirs, right? It is always nice to know someone’s house is messier than yours. So I thought I would make your day 🙂 Mess #1 This week I started tackling little organization {…Read More…}

Project #21 Hang Pegboard in Studio

I have so many odds and ends in my studio that I don’t know where to put. I also have one huge wall with nothing on it. So I figured hanging pegboard on the blank wall was a marriage made in heaven. So I asked my father-in-law to do the honors. He loves projects like {…Read More…}

Project #20 Hang Moulding on Cabinets

Are you kidding me? No, I have not done a new project. I sat on my butt holding my new baby girl watching my mother-in-love clean my kitchen floor, bathrooms, do my laundry and clean my kitchen while my father-in-love was busy hanging moulding on the top and bottom of my kitchen cabinets and doing {…Read More…}

Painted Bathroom Vanity Cabinet

I got this fabulous mirror that I gave a makeover on September 21. I have been wanting to paint the awful oak cabinetry that plagues my house since the day I moved in. Well after I redid this mirror the cabinetry in the bathroom DEFINITELY needed a change. So yesterday I started painting the cabinet {…Read More…}