Barstool Refab & Refinish

I got these two stools for $20 each on Craigslist. I ♥ Craigslist!They were solid wood and they were stained a dark mahogany. They were well loved as evidenced by all the scratches and dings on them. But I wanted wooden barstools, countertop height, no swivel, with a back on them, for cheap. Plus I {…Read More…}


Do you remember this project? That was the most aggressive project I have taken on in a long time. But when I took on this project I failed to notice the ginormous belly I was growing. So I called in the troops (actually begged and offered meals, cleaning, crafts, etc., to bribe them) to help {…Read More…}

Refinishing Tutorial

I have gotten many questions about how to refinish furniture. It is really pretty easy to do. It is time consuming but if you have a special piece of furniture that you don’t want to part with and it has taken a beating it is well worth it. So here is how you do it. {…Read More…}

A Labor of Love

Well I gave birth today…to a 100 lb dresser. Well at least it felt that way. I felt like I have carried that thing for 9 months and I am finally done. I swear the dresser alone probably took me 15 hours. But my mother constantly reminds me of the amazing workmanship of the dresser. {…Read More…}