Reupholstery Week Post 3

If you missed the previous two posts click here for post 1 and here for post 2. Alright Amy and I have nasty, dirty hands by now from all the tugging and stapling and the paint rubbing off…but we are getting closer to done. When we got to the arms it got a little tricky.  {…Read More…}

Reupholstery Week Post 2

I am here with Amy from Design Intervention and we are walking you through a reupholstering project.  Click here to see the first post in this series. I had a blast with her this past weekend redoing some antique chairs. Our husbands are lucky we live halfway across the country from one another.  We would {…Read More…}

Reupholstery Week Post 1

I bought two of these chairs at a yard sale last summer thinking I could find someone, someday who would teach me to reupholster.  Enter Amy from Design Intervention! Amy and I met through blog world and connected immediately.  I about did a back flip when she mentioned she would be in my neck of {…Read More…}

Roadkill Rescued Hutch

I got this hutch from a rental house where the tenants had been evicted and left a bunch of stuff behind.   This was heading to the trash can when I came along and snatched it up. It was missing a knob and the top part of the hutch had chunks of wood missing.   {…Read More…}