How to Make a Paperbag Pinata

Today was my baby boy’s 4th birthday.  I can hardly believe he is four…such a big boy.  We had a Larry Boy from Veggie Tales party with nine loud and rowdy kids.  Isaac was dressed up in this get up.  He is totally going to kill me one day for allowing him to wear that {…Read More…}

Happy 1st Birthday Kayla

I can’t believe my little girl is one.  We had a great first birthday party for Kayla on Friday with our family.  I already told you about her adorable outfit made by Texas Monkey Boutique here.  I hope you checked out her site and her UH-MAZING prices and ordered a Valentine poof for a little {…Read More…}

Happy Birthday to Me!!!!!

About 5 years ago my hubby got this shirt made for me… So he pulled it out today and everywhere we went people said “Happy Birthday” to me. I got over 100 email/facebook/blog comments. Wow I feel loved…even if I have to bribe you to say it 😉 Isn’t he awesome? He is the total {…Read More…}


Every year for the past 4 years I have written a birthday list. I got the idea from a friend of mine named Renee. I got this email one day with like 30 things she wanted for her birthday. I laughed so hard and thought it was gutsy. But guess what I did? I bought {…Read More…}