Fabric on the Walls

I had so much fun with this project! Wallpapering with fabric is so much easier than I thought. It seemed a bit intimidating at first, but the whole thing took less than an hour. The double bonus of it (the first bonus is..I LOVES IT!) is when I am sick of it I just use {…Read More…}

Owl Art

My friend was redoing her son’s room to a transportation theme. I thought the four truck pictures in Isaac’s room would go perfect in that room so I gave them to her. It left a big, open wall for me to redecorate. Of course I wanted to do something on the cheap so I decided {…Read More…}

Big Boy Bed Desk Chair

Since I finished painting Isaac’s bunk beds in November I have been looking for a chair for his desk. I could not find anything that would work. My chair qualifications were:1. That it had a pad to reupholster2. That it was less than $53. That is was solid wood4. That is was smaller than a {…Read More…}

Fabric Book Shelf

I was inspired by a bookshelf I saw in a store that looked like this… I wanted an area where Isaac could put his books in his room. However, I didn’t want it to house all his books because those are in his playroom. I wanted to be able to put several of his library {…Read More…}