Board & Batten Bathroom

I am finally getting around to redoing my main bathroom downstairs.   It was painted a tomatoey red prior to us moving into the house three years ago.   I never really liked it but it has been “good enough” while I busily redecorated the rest of my home.   It is time for a {…Read More…}

Wooden Bath Caddy

It is always fun to find something on the curb that you can reuse. It is even more exciting when that something solves a dilemma that drives you crazy. My bath stuff was strewn all over my bathroom floor because I didn’t have a system in place to keep it organized. Now I have a {…Read More…}

Bathroom Vanity Storage

One of the things that drives me bananas about my house (that I have complained about before) is the craptastic cabinetry used throughout. I have tried to make some of them look a little more custom and less ghetto by painting them.  Click here to see the downstairs bath vanity Click here to see the {…Read More…}

Blue Linen Closet

So I made a decision!  Thank you all for your opinion about my color choices.  Whenever I ask my readers a question I always fail to give pertinent information.  Like… my bathroom ceilings are 8 feet and I have no natural lighting in my bathroom.  Oops!  Sorryboutthat! So I made the decision based on what {…Read More…}