DIY Floating Wood Vanity

So I am soooooo close to being done with my major project of the last year.  You may remember me talking about this huge project of turning an oversized guest bathroom into a smaller bathroom and third floor laundry room.  Having the laundry on the same floor as the bedrooms has been a game changer {…Read More…}

Flooring In the Bathroom and Laundry Room

So the demo is done, wall is framed, drywall is hung, mudded and sanded, walls are primed and painted and now it is time to move onto flooring.  Normally I go to the big box stores for flooring but I was looking for something a little different this time, a laminate that is water resistant.  {…Read More…}

Tips for Drywalling and Mudding from a Newbie {Laundry Room Remodel}

I don’t even know if it is called drywalling.  Maybe it is called “doing drywall”.  See I am a newbie.  But I wanted to learn, even if I never use the skill again, how to hang, mud and sand drywall.  I figured my bathroom and laundry room was the perfect small project to learn this {…Read More…}

Bathroom Remodel & Laundry Room Part 2

So last I left you off I ripped up my guest bathroom removing the old vanity, shower and soaker tub.  Did I mention I did this in December?  You know…the busiest month of the year.  My husband wasn’t thrilled but he has learned to roll with my craziness. So when you normally frame a wall {…Read More…}