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Manifesting your desired height is entirely possible. The power and capacity of thoughts continually surprise us. Research has revealed the vast, boundless extent that thoughts and thinking influence our lives.

You can manifest your height. The law of attraction (like attracts like) dictates that we have the power to attract our desires and have them realized. Affirmations, visualization, journaling, mood boards, and positive self-talk contribute to the law of attraction. Our potential is limitless.

The law of attraction is a valuable investment in your personal growth, health, and well-being. Success arrives from embracing the present as perfect and formulating techniques that introduce assured patterns that manifest in desired results.

Can You Manifest Your Height?

The immense power of human potential and the thoughts we possess is too frequently overlooked and dismissed. The law of attraction asserts that like attracts like, and this principle is infinite. Without exception, focusing on a desire, want, or need will introduce it into your life.

An essential dynamic when manifesting your height (or any physical attribute) is accepting your shape, height, and appearance, as it currently is. Express confidence about your height and believe that you have power over it.

Think of your innate power as a golden generator at the core of your being. Switch it on and allow the pure, peaceful currents to emanate throughout your body. Make peace with your form. Accept your body, knowing the fragile beauty of life- and how important it is to be alive. 

Self-acceptance is first

Self-acceptance is vital to the power of your affirmations, as thoughts and feelings carry an electrical current. To realize your body’s natural state is to understand that it possesses a hum, vibe, and unique frequency. 

Physical Self Care

Therefore, in following the principles of the law of attraction, meditate or devote time to seek peace and acceptance. This endeavor will emit a clean electric field around your body awareness. The universe is a highly intelligent place to reside. It responds and communicates with our three-dimensional form all the time. 

Affirmations via the laws of attraction, and the various methods that facilitate its realization, including the 55×5 method, present an opportunity to take charge of this communication. To avoid making hack work of an intricate science, the brain’s neuroplasticity is evidence of our body’s continuous electrical output. 

Considering the immense electric-chemical processing of our brain, visualize switching on that inner generator. Allow that inner charge to sweep in currents around the body and into the world. Again, the key to manifesting your heights desire is intent. Charge your thoughts with solid intent. 

Visualization Potency In Manifesting Your Height

The law of attraction, affirmations, and the 5×55 method have a potent ally in the brain’s visualization processes. Before affirming your desired height, practice visualization. This is an important step in formulating the perfect affirmation. 

An excellent visualization technique is first imagining what you want and attaching a sense to each.  See your height changing. Imagine how people would respond to your statue. The more details, the more acute the visualization. Create scenes where your height would manifest- hear, see, smell, and taste what’s happening around you.

Write down your visualization. As you’ll discover, writing is a useful tool to retrain your thinking patterns. What emotions accompany your changing height? Anticipate these feelings as you would your height. Focus is key. 



The electric neurochemical pulse of the nervous system (brain, spinal cord, and neuron network) isn’t capable of discerning between reality and fantastical capacity. The imaginative mind can and indeed does interrupt our perceptions of reality.  

Numerous studies have illustrated via EEG (electroencephalogram) how the brain “lights up” or reacts consistently when visualizing doing something and doing it. This is the power of visualization. Therefore, seeing it happen in your mind’s eye will increase the possibility of it happening. 

To harness your visualization, create mood boards. When building your mood board, use every available media and means. Different textures, photos, paint, and pastels will contribute to building your vision for your perfect height. 

Vision Board Party for over 40s

Mood boards are incredibly fun and inspirational. Additionally, they sum up your intent in one glance. When doing your daily affirmations, place your mood board in front of you. It will keep the energy of your desire in focus. 

The Value Of Affirmations In Manifesting Your Height

The written word is humanity’s gift. An incredible science and highly underrated skill, writing demonstrates its power as it’s an extension of self. Affirmations facilitate your focus in communicating your desire. Sentence after sentence with increasing resolution, your met expectation from the universe. 

Writing the same affirmation repeatedly naturally inspires confidence. Before you begin, brainstorm your ideas. Write choice phrases about your wish for your height, allowing happiness, joy, and simple expectation to spill over onto your page through the ink. 

Keep the affirmations written in the present tense. Affirm your desired reality as if it’s the current truth. For example, I love my tall, lengthened posture. Present tense affirmations help to maintain the pattern you’re attempting to introduce into your life. 


Significantly, the brain’s neuroplasticity plays a relevant role. Affirming your increasing height relays this information to a highly adaptable brain. Thinking maintains an electric charge and will transmit that belief to the universe- which will respond in kind. 

Introduce creativity when constructing your affirmations. Permit joy to be a part of the process. Creative, joyous affirmations are inherently charged with natural energy. For example, my height is an extension of my happiest self.

Remember to think happy thoughts, and you’ll fly. 

The Value Of Positive Self-Talk In Manifesting Your Height

The universe is organic and instinctively receives and reacts to one’s energy. Negative thoughts are powerful and weighted. Negativity seems, in many regards, inevitable in our human experience. Affirmations and positive self-talk negate the burden of adverse feelings. 

Therefore, reacquaint yourself with your height. Talk well to yourself about your height. Treat your height as if a long-lost friend or a much admired person whom you’ve been looking forward to meeting- and have just met.

Manifesting height

The moment you realize you’re talking to yourself is the turning point in realizing your desired height.

  • Pay attention to the patterns in your conversation.
  • Note words in your self-talk like “every time,” “nothing,” “never,” “nobody,” and “always.”
  • These are examples of extreme presumptions. These generalizations are all-encompassing and disper your energy.   

Focus is an essential feature of the power of affirmations. Generalized words detract from the needed concentration to channel your intent. Mindful positive self-talk might be challenging at first but will become second nature. It’s an essential tool for keeping your desired height an active process of your conscious mind. 

Furthermore, note your posture when you begin to speak well to yourself. Watch as you grow in confidence and assurance. Your increasingly realized value will result in an immediate elevation in all you do. So stand tall, even if you want to be short, it will take you far.


Your ideal height can manifest according to the law of attraction (it can even manifest your fears!). The key to realizing your height’s desire includes strong intention and a positive mindset.

Visualizing is effective and works as well as affirmations and positive self-talk. Thoughts and words are, indeed, influential. Have confidence that it can be done. Just… Believe.

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