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Before the days of Big Pharma, natural remedies were the norm for treating injuries and illnesses. But a few decades ago, it became unpopular and was seen as kooky or weird.

Today, there is a strong move back to natural healing, including aromatherapy. Plant Therapy’s range of essential oils includes an immune booster called Germ Fighter. Can you ingest this blend of essential oils?

Plant Therapy strongly discourages ingesting their product known as Germ Fighter. This warning applies to all essential oils unless the client is under the care of a medical doctor who is also a qualified clinical aromatherapist. Essential oils can be toxic if ingested in more than trace amounts.

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Just because a plant product is natural does not mean it’s harmless. Water hemlock killed Socrates, and Abraham Lincoln’s mother died from drinking the milk of a cow that had grazed on white snakeroot!

There are plenty of plants that are lethal if touched or ingested. 

Can You Ingest Plant Therapy’s Germ Fighter?

Theoretically, the answer to the above question is “yes.” But it’s a yes with caveats and conditions attached, and things could go pear-shaped very quickly if these conditions are not followed to the letter.

For this reason, the safest answer is “no.”  

Plant Therapy recognizes that it’s potentially toxic to ingest Germ Fighter and any other essential oils and gives specific instructions on administering this immune booster.

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Why You Should Not Ingest Germ Fighter

Germ Fighter is a blend of essential oils designed to fight attacks against your immune system, especially during seasonal bouts of sickness. The directions for use are to put a drop of Germ Fighter into a teaspoon of your choice of carrier oil and rub it into your feet last thing before bed on waking in the morning again.

Plant Therapy does not recommend ingesting Germ Fighter because it is a blend of essential oils, some of which are toxic when ingested. The ingredients used to make Germ Fighter Essential Oil are cinnamon cassia, eucalyptus, lemon, rosemary, and cloves

Plant Therapy does not have certified aromatherapists qualified to administer any essential oils.

Where are Plant Therapy Oils Made?

Medical Doctor Advice

Some plant extracts and essential oils are generally recognized as safe (GRAS) to add flavor to food. But taking essential oils by mouth should only be done under the guidance of a clinical aromatherapist who is also a medical doctor. 

So, what’s the big deal?

Firstly, it’s important to remember that such food and drinks are manufactured using precise and scientifically formulated measurements of these oils in carefully controlled environments. This will not be the case if someone decides to swallow an essential oil such as Germ Fighter in their own capacity.

Also, The primary reason for distilling plant components is to capture their aromas. The oils are highly concentrated, and the fragrances have the power to affect your mind, body, and spirit.

Ingesting them, therefore, lies outside the original purpose of these oils and can do damage.

Potential Dangerous Essential Oils

Some essential oils are safe enough to ingest, but many are not. Here’s some of the ones to be aware and mindful of:

  • Camphor
  • Clove
  • Lavender
  • Thyme
  • Tea tree
  • Wintergreen
  • Eucalyptus
Clove and Eucalyptus

Clove and eucalyptus are some of the ingredients of Germ Fighter.

What Happens If You Ingest Essential Oils?

So how bad can it be if you ingest Germ Fighter? Everyone reacts differently to various products, but here are some possible side effects.

  • Swallowing eucalyptus oil can cause seizures.
  • Even tiny amounts of clove oil can cause liver damage, seizures, and fluid imbalances, especially in children.
  • Cinnamon cassia can cause kidney and liver damage.
  • Undiluted rosemary oil can leave you with red skin, sun sensitivity, and vomiting.


Plant Therapy essential oils are a fantastic way to boost the immune system and ward off germs. Their Germ Fighter blend is a great choice if you’re looking to ramp up your defenses against those pesky microorganisms.

And while you can certainly take this essential oil blend in lots of different ways, it’s important to remember that ingesting essential oils should only be done by experienced users who are aware of any potential risks involved.

It is not safe to ingest Plant Therapy’s Germ Fighter due to some potentially toxic ingredients.

That said, Plant Therapy stands behind their products and have made sure that their brand of essential oils is safe for use when taken as directed.

Whether you decide to use Germ Fighter topically or orally, you won’t regret adding this blend to your collection!

It’s best to stick to the directions for use and reap the maximum benefits without any nasty side effects.

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