At the risk of offending every single blogger friend I know here goes…

And Ode to Blogging Craziness

i love to sit and type and blurf
just like a little, smiley smurf,
but when I hap upon a song
on your blog I will not prolong
i’d like to write a comment on your post
but word verification i hate most
i think i will try to start a picket
no sharing my thoughts with the culprit
i do enjoying reading a novel
but sometimes it seems to be just babble
keep it short and well to the heart
and do show pictures, please impart.

Love to ya’ll I am just sayin’…

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  1. That’s stinkin’ funny! Do people set the word verification? I thought it just popped up sometimes. I too turn the speakers off. I have too many pages open at once and then all the songs mixing…..too much.

  2. Yes you can turn off your word verification in the settings tab and then in the comments section. I don’t know if people don’t know that or they just like to annoy me. Of course I always type the dang word wrong the first time and have to retype it.

  3. i hate word verification… but if you get those annoying spam comments on your blog, they are even MORE annoying so i enable the w.v. and tolerate on others… AND out of courtesy, i have set my blog-tunes to play only if/when the reader chooses… : ) you have quite the talent for prose… guess your creativity goes well beyond the physically tangible, mrs. farrant!

  4. So that was interesting! First I think that some people don’t know that you can change the word verifcation (like me) and I actually love hearing peoples favorite tunes when I open up to their page, I think it tells a lot about them! Does that mean you wont be visiting mine anymore? So..I guess I have to disagree, I still love you though, I guess when you are a blog queen, those things can start to get annoying! Love you!

  5. you’re the talk of the town…so contreversial…but that’s part of the reason why i love you. i turned off my word verification…(i didn’t even know what that was, but now i do) love ya

  6. annette – i have gotten a couple of spam comments as well. i just feel like it is easier for me to delete that one comment than it is to make everyone have to enter a word verification. sometimes those letters are not easy to read and i end up having to type the words like 4 times.

  7. so…is this why you have never made a comment on my blog? Do I even have word verification on? I will have to check it out.

  8. For me, it’s hard to read and listen to music at the same time. Especially, with some music. I don’t mind the music. I don’t need word verification on mine, because not many people look at it. But Shannon, and all of her eight craziness, gets way too many spam messages. Why do they make the letters that you have to type so hard to read. I think they are really trying to trick you. As far as novels, I love mindless junques blog. Her story is great. But others, could possible be kept a bit shorter.

  9. music…I’m with ya
    keep it short…still with ya (most of the time)
    word verif…them are fightin’ words!

    ha ha!

    sorry, but my blog got tagged with spam (not once or twice…it was with every single post!) and I just had to! You are just gonna have to love ME more than you hate word verif!

    love ya girlfriend!

  10. Not a fan of the music, because 95% of the time I have iTunes playing and I don’t need 2 different songs going at once, please. My friend Heather has music on hers–but the reader has to physically click on it–it doesn’t start automatically, so that ROCKS.

    And I won’t be offended by your plea for brevity. We have known each other over 10 years now and not once in all that time have I been brief. OK, except maybe on my first date with Scotty, right?

    I love you and your hilarious self. Be safe with all that water. Give Isaac some lovin’ for me, too.

  11. i agree…I am not a fan of music on the blogs…it’s always late at night when I’m bloggin’ and I’m just not in the mood. I dont’ think I have word verification do I? I have never had one single spam comment either.

  12. Now, now. Our blogs are to represent our individualness… Gotta love each other just the way we are. But I will say, I’ve learned a few things. But need to know what spam comments are, cuz I think I got one? If so, what do I do with it? About word verification–imagine having that for a job! I know it’s computer generated, but gollie, I can barely see the freakishly curved, blury word.

  13. you’re quite the poet! made me laugh. my puters on mute as I type, my daughter just added it to her blog though : )

    i have word verification on and I’m sorry. please continue to forgive me, i have issues!

  14. All in favor say “Aye!” Aye!

    I get annoyed by the word verification, too. That’s why I removed it from my own blog. I have yet to get a spam comment, but even if I did – I think I’d be with you on deleting the one comment.

    I always have my speakers off (I’m weird) unless I have reason to put them on & my music is not on autoplay…peas in a pod? Hey, I’m from Indiana, too! This is getting weirder by the second. *shivers because it’s Friday the 13th*

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