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Because there are so many applications for essential oil, its use has become widespread. Knowing which essential oil is best for a given task and using the correct amount when applying it is challenging.

Essential oils are well-known for their lovely scents and cleansing power and are frequently used by car owners, but can they ruin a car’s paint?

Exposing a car to essential oil for too long will ruin the paint. Neroli and Lemon grass essential oil have high acidity levels, and most essential oils contain alcohol that causes paint to break down. Synthetic chemicals added to concentrated essential oil dilute it to minimize its harsh effect.

There is more to essential oils besides their known therapeutic purposes. Various home remedies have emerged because of essential oil experimentation, such as an air freshener and removing tar from automotive paint.

Undoubtedly, the correct essential oil application will transform it into an excellent product, but putting it on car paint could result in irreversible damage.

How Can Essential Oil Ruin Car Paint?

When applied, car paint is a liquid, and after drying, it becomes solid. Paint has glycol ether esters added that evaporate when automotive paint is applied to the car, allowing it to solidify. If you apply another solvent capable of dissolving the paint again, it will redissolve. 

Essential oils like Neroli and Lemon Grass have high acidity and contain alcohol. The acid and alcohol found in these oils help eliminate hard water stains and stickiness. The problem with essential oil used on car paint is that the alcohol and acid can cause irreparable damage.

Women use acetone to remove nail polish but find it harsh on their nails. You may ask, what does acetone have to do with car paint and essential oils?

An alternative to acetone to remove nail polish is Lemon Grass essential oil. It removes nail paint very effectively. Car paint is harder than nail polish, but exposure to Lemon Grass essential oil for too long will cause it to dissolve.

Lemon Grass Essential Oil

Although not recommended, applying diluted essential oil can remove tar and sticky spots if left on the paint for a brief period.

When using essential oils, especially in concentrated form, it is important to remember that they can ruin your car’s paint.

Your first option should not be essential oil because other products are specifically made to treat and protect car paint.

Can Essential Oil Clean Car Windows?

Essential oil is a natural product with properties that can easily clean hard water stains that are tough to get off car windows. Essential oil does not damage glass, and using it carefully can save you a lot of work.

Hard water stains are water droplets that dry and leave mineral deposits behind. Essential oils like Lemon Grass have a high acidity that can remove hard water stains.

Take care not to get essential oil on your car paint, and if oil does get on to it, rinse it with water to avoid ruining your car paint. 


Essential oils contain alcohol, and oils like Lemon Grass and Neroli have high acidity levels.

Alcohol and acid can ruin car paint, especially if the oil is in its concentrated form.

Essential oils are great for removing hard water stains, but take care not to get some on your car paint. 

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