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I know there are a ton of baby bedding designers who read my blog (LOL!) but seriously why do they not think to make a twin quilt in the same pattern as the baby bedding? I love Isaac’s baby bedding. I adore the colors, like the truck theme, and his room is just adorable. A bunch of friends chipped in when I was pregnant with Isaac to buy the bedding. I think it was like $250. Included in that set was a bumper, dust ruffle, crib sheet, and a baby quilt. Then another dear friend (Hey Jen!) bought me the valance and the lamp shade and diaper stacker. All together that is ALOT OF MONEY!

I never used the comforter except to hang on the wall. Then I ended up using a basket on his dresser for the diapers and ended up not using the diaper stacker. But now that we are putting him in a big boy bed (as soon I finish the bunk beds) I would love to keep the same colors and just add a quilt.


Seriously I am cheap, but I would have paid full price for two quilts in this bedding because I like it so much. (Ok maybe not full price, I would google it to no end to find the best deal, but still…)

Note: This is not Isaac’s room, I would never overdo it like that. This is the set with all the things I could have bought though.

So I think I may buy this bedding from Target. It isn’t exactly the colors but it is close. I may end up having to repaint the lower half (under the chair rail) to another color, bummer. But it is $59.99, which I know I could make it for at least half of that. We will see…

So that brings me to my main point of this post. I know… I am breaking my cardinal rule of being too wordy. I haven’t found any baby girl bedding that I love, love, love. And the cheap part of my brain is getting the best of me, which usually happens so I can’t see others spending $300 for bedding that I won’t use half of. So for $75 I bought material to make a twin size quilt (which I will hang on the wall until baby girl is in a big girl bed), re-cover Isaac’s glider, make a dust ruffle and some basket liners, and possibly a window treatment. So here is baby girl’s bedding…

It is a light blue, chocolate brown, pale pink, dusty rose, tan and yellow. I can’t wait to get started.

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  1. Oh do I hear you! Our new baby girl is going to share a room with her older sister. I too have been unsuccessful in finding matching twin/crib bedding so I’m going to make my own. I’m using some of Sandi Henderson’s Farmer’s Market fabrics in pinks, reds and greens.

    I think that Target bedding would look really good in Isaac’s room. From the picture it looks like a great match.

  2. I too would go with the Target bedding. They just want more money from you and they want you to change out the entire thing every two years. I think that one would last a few years though.

    Love the girl colors. I made Sarah a dust ruffle…the easy way. I only hemmed the bottom then I velcroed it to the spring thingy under the mattress. It worked great!

  3. I love both, the quilt for Isaac is so close to the other set, it will look great!

    And baby girls stuff is SO CUTE. Love that. I’ve made both boys bedding sets, and I loved it. In my head, I thought it would be special that I made thier stuff, but I think reality is , they will not give a rip that I saved the baby quilts that I made for them…a baby girl however, she might! I love the colors and fabric you chose!

  4. I think that target bedding is cute! I say go with it1

    Can’t wait to see the final products for baby girls room! Cute fabrics!

  5. I did the same thing for Tessa. I couldn’t find anything that I liked that I could afford. Everything I liked was designer super expensive stuff so I went to TJmax found some sheets and a quilt that I liked and a good friend of mind made her bedding for me! So much cheaper! Your belly looks beautiful! 🙂

  6. I think that the Target set is a pretty close match… it will look adorable with the accessories that you already have.

    You are so ambitious about making all of those things before she gets here though. : ) That or I am REALLY lazy.

  7. I too think the target bedding looks great, but how about this. What about sewing a border around the quilt you have, and love, with coordinating fabric, to make it twin size??? I don’t think it will cost much, and then you get to use the one you really love.

  8. Hey I love the Girls bedding material its adorable! I want to make you a name thing like isaccs, but a little different font letters! (only if you want me too) but If I had the fabric swqatches it would be a whole lot easier to make paint and paper and stuff! SO, if you want to email me a clearer picture or just mail me some swatches of the fabric that would be great! or isnt shannon coming to see you soon! you could send some home with her! let me know! love ya!

  9. Target to the rescue! We all love Target. I think it matches great. It looks so “big boy”! Cant wait to see what you do with those adorable fabrics for the lil’ girly!

  10. Not that you want the added work, but… When my oldest was younger she had the PERFECT baby blanket and accessories including curtains. When she went to a big girl bed nothing I found matched what we already had, so… I found 3 fabrics that looked beautiful with her baby blanket and added borders, padding, and a back to the baby blanket’s sides. Then used the 3 new fabrics to add a valance to her curtains, and used the remaining to make a bureau scarf and basket cover. I got the material at Jo’s in the clearance for 2$ a yard 😀
    Good luck!!
    It was alot of work, but…

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