It’s offically garage sale season. It is time for great bargains and a little TLC to collide. I got this buffet table for $15. It actually was in great condition just the way it was. But I had grander plans for it. I took off the wings and casters and headed off to Menards (that’s for you Casey) and bought some American Accents Canyon Black Spray Paint.

After a few coats of that, a top coat and a little sanding to give it some age I have myself a sofa table for my living room.

One thing I learned: The top was laminate. I did sand the whole thing before I painted it. But I guess with laminate you have to get all the shine off in order for the paint to stick. So the paint on the top of the table isn’t smooth like the rest, some spots look shinier than others. But since there is stuff on the top to distract I wasn’t too worried and didn’t have the desire to sand it all down and start again. Lesson learned though.

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  1. I love the finished product! You are so very inspiring. I may have to check out some garage sales tomorrow!

  2. Very nice, boog! 🙂

    On the left side it looks like an extension before you finished it in black…? If it is, what happened to that?

    It looks very nice in black, indeed!

  3. Looks like you’ve rearranged the room– I need more pictures!!!!
    Table looks great!

  4. i can totally appreciate you thinking of me at Menards…thanks for the shout out… and i’ll give you the courtesy props for the table as well. looks great. i love you guys…we want to come in july…like the 2nd or 3rd week. call me or aim so we can make plans.

  5. You rock…love it…I would have thrown that out…it looks so great now! You have VISION!!!

  6. Your Table is beautiful! I paid $100 for one that looks alot like it. I just don’t have the vision you have! 🙂 Nicole

  7. I just found your site in an email group I’m on. Someone recommended it. You are really creative. Thanks for the great ideas.

  8. just came back to check this out. My brother scored me a free desk off his neighbors front porch that has a laminate top. I want to paint it black like this…hope the paint will stick to the top…I will sand it good I guess!

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