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This Bottlecap Magnet Tutorial will teach you how to make this Craft project that is Perfect for groups. You can see another version of it in this post.

How to make the Bottlecaps

1. Print out a bunch of images on Microsoft Word from their clipart gallery. You can even download them from the online Microsoft Clip-Art Gallery.

2. Then insert them and resize them to like .78″ approximately. Or you can also print out pictures of your wees one as well. CUUUUTE!

3. Take a one-inch hole punch and flip it over. Then, centering the punch, punch out the image you want.

4. Without any glue place the image in your bottlecap. (You can buy these in bulk at a local “brew your own beer” type shop or ebay. I think I paid $2.75 for 144 of them. DON’T BUY THEM FROM THE SCRAPBOOK STORE – RIP OFF!) I buy new ones that haven’t been crimped.

5. Then use puff paints to decorate it. The brand I use is Scribbles or Stickles. This also acts as a glue holding your image down.

Dot the paint around the bottlecap leaving a space between to add another color.

Make sure you have paint all the around the image touching the bottlecap rim and the paper.

6. For added fun, add those Tiny No Hole Beads in the coordinating color to the paint I chose.

Make sure you pour them over the whole thing and then turn the cap over and tap once to get the excess out.

Then pour the beads back into their original container like a good girl.

You can also use glitter but it tends to stick to areas you don’t want it to that is why I like the beads better.

7. Then add your second puff paint color. I generally only do one bead color because if you re-pour beads they mix with the first color beads you chose.

One cool option is doing two paint colors and then adding clear beads over the top.

Let this dry completely (usually within a couple of hours).

8. Now my favorite medium…

pour the resin (after you have read the instructions on the box completely) in the cap covering all the paint.

Using a lighter, you can wave a flame over the top of the resin to get any air bubbles out.

Let that dry for 24 hours. It will have a beautiful shiny clear coat embedding your image and paint for eternity.

9. Lastly glue a magnet on (I use E-6000 glue). I have probably made at least 500 of these.

I even have a whole magnet board with only these for magnets. You can spit out a ton of these in an hour.

I usually put a few in a decorated altoid tin as gifts. Everyone loves them.

What else can I use as a fridge magnet?

You can use a variety of items as fridge magnets, depending on your personal preferences and the materials you have available. Here are some examples:

  1. Bottle caps: Attach a small magnet to the back of a clean bottle cap, and you have a unique and functional fridge magnet.
  2. Small toys: Small plastic toys can be turned into magnets.
  3. Buttons: Buttons can make charming and colorful fridge magnets.
  4. Scrabble tiles: If you have an old Scrabble set lying around, you can use the letter tiles to create personalized word magnets.
  5. Wooden shapes: Wooden shapes, such as hearts or stars, can be easily turned into fridge magnets with the addition of a magnet glued to the back.
  6. Photographs: Print out small photographs and attach a magnet to the back for a personalized touch to your fridge.

Remember to use strong adhesive like hot glue or E6000 to ensure that the magnets stay securely attached to the items.

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  1. Cuuute! And just what I needed…another project to distract me from my housework. :)Thanks for the tips on where to find the bottlecaps for less $$$.

  2. Very Cute! I saw something somewhere (you know how that surfing is) that indicated that facebook has some sort of little arty pictures or something like that, that could be used for this too. I had no idea what they were talking about, but maybe you do!

  3. You win for the cutest project! I love it! Where did you get your resin? You are… infarrantly creative! hehehe. Thanks for this great post to get my wheels turning!

  4. No kidding, I was just thinking about these cute things today and was going to ask you about them. I still have the one you made me for Hunter’s shower.

  5. Hi! I’m new to reading your blog. Wanted to say that these are so cute! I’ve been looking for a type of resin to do something like this. Do you purchase yours at a craft store or do you get it from a wholesale-type supplier? And, after reading your pet peeves post, my email is accessible through my profile! 🙂

  6. This is such a cute idea! I love how your magnets turned out, too! Thanks for showing how to do this; I definitely want to try my hand at it sometime. And I agree~ who wouldn’t love these as gifts? 🙂 That’s another great idea! 🙂

    I hope you have a beautiful day! 🙂

  7. thanks! I love these and have always wanted to make some.

    Baby girl is looking mighty cute, too!

  8. So cute! I wish I had cute magnets on my fridge!

    So, I stalked the family monogram that you have on your wish list and am now addicted to having one. (But, between you and me…I think you’re talented enough to paint yours on the wall…)

  9. Oh Yeah, a new craft. I seriosly needed one of these. Baby Girl is looking mighty cute.
    Thanks for the ideas.

  10. Fantastic! And I love the way you took it a step further and added the “bead” work. Great blog with so many great ideas!!

  11. Fantastic! And I love the way you took it a step further and added the “bead” work. Great blog with so many great ideas!!

  12. Fantastic! And I love the way you took it a step further and added the “bead” work. Great blog with so many great ideas!!

  13. Fantastic! And I love the way you took it a step further and added the “bead” work. Great blog with so many great ideas!!

  14. Those are so cute! We love magnets at our house and I think we really, really need some new ones to mix it up a little! Thank you so much 🙂

  15. I love making these too! I love to use duplicate photos I have around the house too – nothing like having photos of your little ones on the fridge too! They’re also great welcome baby gifts if you have photos or can snag a scanned image of footprints. I’ve also found some papers work better than others and give less of a yellowing look and makes the resin crystal clear. Thanks for the tutorial – great!

  16. I have been having my dad save his bottle caps for me for a while, and I finally have a good stash to try these! I am also thinking about a jewelry project with this stuff…this envirotex brand, do you think it yellows at all over time? I haven’t committed to a resin yet. 🙂 Eryn

  17. Thank you! I can't wait to start. Christmas presents for all my 4 daughters' friends!!…and cousins!

  18. The EnviroTex instructions say to do a few coats of craft glue over paper and let dry before applying resin. Did you do this step. Just not sure if colors will bleed. Also, did you let your caps overflow or just fill them most of the way up? Thanks so much, making a bunch for Christmas!

  19. I generally don't but it is not a bad idea just to make sure the colors don't run.

  20. hello love your tutorial.. had a question though do you know of baking bottlecaps in overn to cure faster? i heard about this earlier but not sure if its legit..plz lemme know

  21. Using glitter glue works inplace of the paint-n-beads since you said the glitter gets everywhere. I am amking some of these right now that each have one large colored googly eye surrounded by glitter glue. Give someone two of them and they have monster eyes!

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