Board & Batten Beadboard Kitchen Island

When we first walked through this house 4 1/2 years ago the first thing I said was “I hate the kitchen.”  It was awful — stock cabinets with no molding whatsoever, mismatched appliances, terrible countertops and awful flooring.  We have made continual changes to this space as time and budget has permitted.  I loved the black cabinets when I painted, but after awhile, the dark has just become overwhelming. There is a WHOLE LOTTA black going on. I would love to repaint the cabinets lighter but my husband might keel over if I tackle that (right now Winking smile).

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So in order to try to resist the urge to revamp my entire kitchen, I decided to give my island a makeover to lighten up the space a little.  Here are a few pictures of the evolution of my kitchen.

kitchen collage

black kitchen cabinets

and today

DSC_0392 (3)


Beadboard (have your big box store cut it to size)

1” x 4” pre primed pine

brad nail gun

quarter round (sometimes called shoe molding)

measuring tape

chop saw


wood glue

wood filler


sanding sponge

1.  The first thing I did was remove all the molding I created previously from the sides and front of the island.

demo work on kitchen island

2. This project is so easy if you have a familiarity with measuring and sawing.  The beadboard and battens took me only two hours to do.  It helps that I measured the sides of my island and had my big box store cut the pieces to fit perfectly.  Then all I had to do was put a little wood glue on the back, stick them in place and then tacked the edges with my brad nailer.

2. Next I framed out the front and sides of my island and then I glued and tacked those in place. I didn’t miter those edges, but rather just butt them up to each other. Then I added three more battens on the front of my island which just made it, if you ask me.  And that is all really.


3.  Ok well maybe not, then I had to touch up all the holes with wood filler and sand those done.  Then I primed and painted it.  I decided to spray it because I just love the look of sprayed cabinets.  I used a new sprayer (Command Max from Home Right).  I am still not sure whether or not I can recommend it or not.  Give me a little while to try it out more.

painting a kitchen island

4.  Then I removed the cabinets and gave them two coats of primer to cover the black and two coats of Dutch Boy Antique White.  After washing the hardware and putting it back in I lightened up my space big time.  I also had to rewire a white outlet on the side instead of a black one.

beadboard batten kitchen island

Next up: a butcher block wood island countertop from IKEA and add some foam and fabric to the barstools to bring in another color.


DSC_0392 (3)

The whole project cost around $85.  Not bad for such a big impact.  So do you have a plain jane builder’s grade stock cabinets in your home?  Have you done anything to enhance them?

If you are a renter and you want to try this look wrap your island in some beadboard wallpaper for a quick update instead of using real beadboard.  Then you can use Gorilla Glue to attach your battens in place and the whole thing can be removed upon moving out.

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