Growing up my family didn’t have a ton of traditions.  But Christmas was always the time I looked forward to all year because of the things my family did to make it special.  I grew up in a large extended family.  My mom had seven brothers and sisters and when they had babies (my generation) that made for a large, loud, and fun Christmas day.


Christmas was mostly at our house.  Not only was my mom the best hostess ever but there was plenty of room for everyone to spread out and for the kids to find a place to hang out.


I remember my dad would mix drinks in the basement and my cousin Karen and I would be the waitresses passing out the drinks and sipping some peach schnapps on the way to the recipient.


We also would play games as a big group.  The one I remember the most was called “fruit basket”.  We would all choose a fruit and then there was a person in the middle holding a plush bat.  You would have to name your fruit and then name the fruit of another player before the person in the middle could bop you in the head with the plush bat.  The kids loved it, including me!


Now that I am older and have my own kids I now look at Christmas through the eyes of my kids, wondering what they will remember when they grow up. 


Anyway…back the point of this post.  Holiday decorating.  I have only one piece of Christmas decoration from my childhood in my house. Let’s be honest my mom tried to give me more but this is the only thing I deemed worthy.  It is this ceramic white Christmas tree with blue birds on it.


christmas bird tree


I remember it sitting in the bay window in my living room every year.  It was my very favorite decoration because I loved the little birds sitting on the branches all lit up.  I thought it was so beautiful. I still do.


dark with blue christmas lights


What is your most treasured Christmas décor?

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