Ok isn’t this just gorgeous!! What you don’t see the gorgeousness? Are you sure? How can you not see it? It is plain as day to me.

Ok maybe looking at it from this perspective will help you…

No? You still don’t see it? Ok let me adjust my lens a little…

Now do you see it? No?
Ok seriously you must be blind!

Okay, okay let me give you my glasses so you can see it from my point of view. Do you see it? YES!? Ok good, see I told you it was gorgeous.

Ok so maybe mine won’t look that wonderful but holy cow I got this set for $25 smackeroos from an ad on Craigslist!! It definitely needs a little TLC – a little repair, lots of sanding, some wood filler, a fresh coat of paint.


This made my day. Ok I am thinking of painting it either navy blue or white. I am leaning towards navy blue but I have a blue-gray color in the room and I am afraid it will clash. Decisions, decisions.

BUT FOR $25!?!?! I think I can handle that decision!

Stay tuned for more pictures!

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  1. What a deal! I’m sure it will look fabulous after you get done with it. Can’t wait for updates.

  2. I can’t believe you got that for $25.00. Oh my gosh! WOW! I would have snatched that one up to. Way to go. I’m sure with your skills it would look beautiful. Can’t wait to see.

  3. wow…only a hard workin’ woman could visualize that piece of beauty! I see it! It’s gorgeous. Post more photos soon.

  4. That is truly a great find! It will look like new once you give it the needed TLC. And, I’m guessing it’s going in a little boy’s room? Hello, a brand new wouldn’t be brand new for long! Now you can let him climb and jump and make it loved on and slept in without a twinge of worry about him damaging a new piece of furniture! It’s amazing how closely it matches your inspiration pictures! Can’t wait to see the finished product.

  5. Wow… you got a deal… we got one (twin over full) for $150 and I thought we were doing good! We are almost done refinishing it and it looks like a brand new piece…. (had some issues like your’s, only not quite that bad)… good luck!

  6. I can’t wait to see how it comes out! I need to refinish my girls bunk bed (amazng how much three girls can destroy a brand new bed in less than 5 years) and I need some inspiration! It seems like so much work!

  7. ok, I canrt believe you found that! Literally this weekend we are going to buy the kids bunk beds and thats the exact one with desk and everything we were going to go buy, Im definetly looking on craigslist first! Nice job!

  8. wow wow wow! that is amazing, beckie! we tried to find a bunk bed on craigslist too, but everything was not nearly as nice and cost at least twice as much. awesome.

  9. wow! That is SO awesome! I just bought a set, way not that cool for $100! Can’t wait to see it done up! We just moved Jack and Hayden to their big boy bunks! My baby is all grown up.

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