Bathroom Mirror Refab

I got this hideously gold-gilded mirror on clearance at Menards. I thought it would be perfect for black, white and red downstairs bathroom –with a little spray paint of course. So I took the mirror home and got out my Canyon Black spray paint by American Accents, taped up my mirror and went to spray town.

BEFORE……… and ……..AFTER

It looks really nice, I am pleased. But after I hung it there was a HUGE eyesore in the room! Can you guess what it is? No not the dressing room light fixture, although that is bad. No, not the cushie tushie hanging on the side of my toilet for potty training my son.

The AWFUL OAK CABINETRY! Looks like I have a little more painting to do. Just add that to my never-ending list of house projects.