Making Room for Baby Girl

The baby girl’s room is coming along. I have found a few deals I gotta tell you about. I found this white chandelier on Craigslist for $10. I removed the white fabric from the shades and reupholstered them, added some ribbon, spray painted the lamp pink, added some Christmas garland bling and made a cord cozy. Isn’t it sweet? (I ran out of ribbon mid project so I I still have to finish the other shades). Total after revamp $20.

About a month ago I found this little lamp at a yard sale for $2. I primered the lamp, painted it Blossom White, reupholstered the shade, added ribbon and she was good to go. Total after revamp $7.

Now for my splurge…which most of you won’t really think of as a splurge (most likely). I have been obsessed with trying to figure out what furniture I wanted in baby girl’s room. I found this white pantry (that is what she called it) on Craigslist for $395. It was bought years ago from Macy’s. I kept watching it and it went down to $295. I finally just emailed her and said I couldn’t go over $200 and she took it!! So for $200 I have a very versatile piece for baby girl’s room that could really go anywhere in my house at a later date if I decided to go a different route. Plus it was already painted white (BONUS!! since I really didn’t need ANOTHER project). I think I am going to change the little white knobs with some glass ones. Those baskets won’t go on the top, that is just where I have been storing them for the moment.

Now if I can just decide on a wall color and start painting…