I wanted to make new basket liners for the baskets I had in Isaac’s room the past two and a half years. They have held his diapers and wipes. It is time to give them a girly makeover.

I made a new liner out of the stripey stripe fabric that coordinates with baby girl’s bedding. I did not put a tie on it, I just used elastic. But I may hot glue a flower or a ribbon bow on it later.

The size is perfect for holding the baby wipes container on one side and a stack of diapers on the other. I didn’t want to take apart the old liner in case I want to use it down the road. It was also serged and I didn’t want to do the math to figure out how to accommodate using a regular sewing machine.

So I searched and here’s the great tutorial I found on curbly.com. It is quick and easy and well explained.

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Do you remember back in February when my wonderfully talented father-in-law and my husband built these amazing lockers for my mudroom/laundry room?

Well my only complaint about the room then was this horrible wire shelving that held all my cleaning supplies. I hated that my junk was all out in the open. Well I have been on the lookout for used cabinets for a while now and finally found some in my budget. For $60 I got 6 feet of cherry cabinets. I decided to paint them white (I know a cardinal sin in a man’s world – to paint wood) so they match the lockers.

I then proceeded to collect all my cleaning supplies from the various locations that I kept them (shelving, garage, under sinks, etc). HOLY MOLEY! Let’s just say if all the cleaning supplies in the stores were sold out I could keep my house clean and my entire neighborhood for about a decade! My name is Beckie and I am a chronic stockpiler!

In my defense I probably paid less than $10 for everything in this cabinet, SERIOUSLY! Most of the stuff was free with coupons and/or rebates. AND YOU KNOW HOW I CAN NOT RESIST FREE! But that is another story, for another day. Doesn’t it look purdy and organized though?

I am still painting the cabinet doors but I wanted to get the bases up so I could get all the stuff in it. I love to be organized.

I got my organizational skills from him…(the one to the right of course, but hopefully the one to the left will inherit that gene)

and I got my stockpiling skills from her…She taught me that 40 cans of cream of mushroom soup is a must, 30 cans of diced tomatoes is never enough, and one must keep at least 4 shelves full of canned goods in order to be a good housewife. LOL!

I love you both to the ends of the earth!

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  1. Okay!!!……please tell me more about the FREE stuff and how I can copy you!! My dream is to be handy with the coupons but it never goes my way. I do good to save $1.00 with my $1.00 coupon. Do tell!!!! Still love your blog!!

  2. I must admit. I am no longer stockpiling. Part of it is very freeing. To only have the one bottle of vinegar cleaner. Ahhhh. But, on the food side, I like to be stocked up. You never know if there will be a natural disaster 🙂

    Love the cabinets.

  3. oooooh! I get goosebumps just looking at all that organizing going on. And that it was FREE! WOW!

    and a big congratulations on the girl! Wanna trade :)?!

  4. I just have to say… you have the best dressed little boy!! Where DO you find his clothes??? Ha ha!
    I’ve got some more for you, by the way 🙂

  5. oooooooo. I love how you have things lined up so nicely. And I’m glad to hear you have doors to those cupboards. What an improvement! I also have a lot of wire shelving in all my closetsand it is sooo impractical!

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